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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – S1E7 – Kimmy Goes to a Party!

Previously on UKS, Kimmy Kisses a Boy!

Kimmy wants to do something fun and New York-ish before her boss gets back in town. Since the Queen Latifah Show has a lifetime ban on Titus, he decides they should treat themselves to a fancy restaurant they can’t afford. Kimmy pretends to talk on a banana and Titus pretends he’s typing on his makeshift laptop made out of cardboard and magazine covers. A waitress tries to make them leave, but they just talk pretend French and she apologizes and leaves them alone. They don’t order anything, but Titus does steal hand soap from the bathroom.

UKS S1E7 Kimmy Banana Phone

As we know, Jacqueline had flown to China to confront her cheating husband. He denies cheating, especially with his secretary Fat Rhonda. In typical cheater fashion, he tells her it’s all in her head, that she’s crazy, and needs to go to her psychiatrist and talk to the shame puppet. Kimmy tells her they just need to catch him red-handed. They spy on a phone call he makes to a woman named Yuko. He says he’s going to throw a dinner party as a cover and afterwards Yuko can put on a show for him. Jacqueline decides she’s going to invite everyone they know so that Julian will be humiliated when she confronts him.

“I had to Photoshop you into this year's Christmas card.”

“I had to Photoshop you into this year’s Christmas card.”

Kimmy is put in charge of the party. She wants to know if Titus knows any old, white people music. He says, of course he does, he’s from Mississipi. He also knows a lot about golf and World War 2. Kimmy hires him to sing during cocktails at the party. He does a wonderful job fitting in with the other seasoned performers there, but then he hears Julian’s friend talking about Broadway. He assumes he’s a broadway producer and starts singing Let It Go really loud.

“Built by children.”

“Built by children.”

“Why do robots keep getting in the way of my dreams?” – Titus

Jacqueline seats Yuko across the table from Julian and then pours talcum powder on the floor. Her plan is that because of Julian’s foot obsession, him and Yuko will be doing shady things with their feet under the table and when he stands up there will be talcum powder on his lap and everyone will see. But the plan fails when he stands up and his lap is clean. He admits that the party was a cover, but not the kind Jacqueline and Kimmy had assumed.

His company has teamed up with a Japanese company to create a robot named Yuko that will one day change the face of healthcare and possibly prostitution. Knowing that Yuko is a robot and not Julian’s mistress just makes Jacqueline feel worse. It was just a robot keeping him away and ruining their marriage. Yuko also steals Titus’s thunder when she starts singing for the crowd. Titus catches Jacqueline throwing her drink in Yuko’s face. She shorts out. Titus said Yuko was going to ruin both their lives anyway so they hide the body in the backyard. With Yuko out of the way, the Broadway producer tells Titus he’s perfect for a role… at his restaurant. He’s not a Broadway producer, he runs a theme restaurant. The waiters and waitresses dress up like different characters. Titus accepts the job.

At the party, Kimmy meets a handsome, British, blonde man named Logan. She doesn’t want to admit she’s just the babysitter, so she pretends to be rich and sophisticated. Xan sees and thinks she’s a gold digger, using the family and the party to get at Logan and his money. After the dinner party, Logan invites her out with him and his friends. Xan tells him the truth that Kimmy works for them and that her last name really isn’t Van Lobster like she said it was. Logan leaves, but then shows up the next morning. He admits that he lied about his last name too and that he isn’t really a muppet scientist like he said. It turns out that he’s a member of a very rich and prominent family with many buildings named after them. She has no idea who he is and doesn’t really care either, and he doesn’t care that she works for Jacqueline.

Julian and Jacqueline go to see their therapist, and the shame puppet, and Jacqueline quickly realizes that the therapist is the one Julian is having an affair with. She tells Jacqueline to just be cool about it, but Jacqueline yells at Julian via the shame puppet.

UKS S1E7 Shame Puppet

Meanwhile Yuko wakes up, crawls out of the dirt, and reprograms herself to understands anger and revenge. What she does next, we never know, as the episode ends.

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