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Throwback Thursday Podcast: Veronica Mars S1E21 ‘A Trip to the Dentist’

Veronica Mars S1E21

In this episode: 

It’s heavy y’all. We talk about date rape, teenage drinking, the Duncan/Veronica brother/sister relationship, Logan’s morals or lack thereof, Veronica’s friendships, and dad jeans.

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Join us next week when we’ll discuss Veronica Mars S1E22 ‘Leave it to Beaver.’

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3 Comments on Throwback Thursday Podcast: Veronica Mars S1E21 ‘A Trip to the Dentist’

  1. Was confused to why Keith yelled at V to go to her room when he was defending her actions. Was he ticked off that she did do it? Was it stress from the argument? He seemed to forgive her instantly after that, but maybe time has passed while she was in her room. I dunno.

    • Good point. I think he was annoyed that she’d done it and he knew nothing about it. I also think that Wallace’s mom last comment about him treating Veronica like she’s 40 struck a nerve. So, in that moment he asserted himself as the dad, you know?

      • Yeah, I took that as a moment where he was reminding Veronica (and Wallace’s mom) that he’s still the one in charge, out of stress, since that’s not really the way he parents.

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