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“All is Vanity” in the Vikings Season Four Trailer

The History Channel debuted their season four trailer of Vikings yesterday at SDCC.

Vikings Season 4 Trailer

Athelstan’s voice-overs that “All is vanity.” The crew returns home from France where Gisla tearfully marries Rollo. Bjorn flexes his power and orders Floki’s arrest and torture f
or Athelstan’s murder. Aethelwulf leads an attack on the Mercian stronghold. The Seer tells Aslaug a woman will rule Kattegat. Ecbert grows paranoid about Ragnar’s return. Lagertha is about to chop Einar’s balls off (finally), then marry a kingly-looking Kalf. Rollo betrays Ragnar AGAIN, and his new wife tries to kill his ass. 

Kwenthrith! Charles! Judith! Erlendur! Tears! Braids! Tattoos! January can’t get here fast enough.

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