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Warehouse 13 – S4E12 – Parks and Rehabilitation

Previously on Warehouse 13: “The Living and the Dead

In the follow-up to the midseason premiere, “Parks and Rehabilitation”, the Warehouse 13 crew is put back in the swing of things with a case that involves exploring the great outdoors and confronting one’s inner conflict. The episode begins with closing testimony by Pete at Artie’s tribunal. He pleads with the Regents on why Artie should remain at Warehouse 13 and how his decision to use the Astrolabe – despite the damage and death he caused – saved the world. The Regents agree, believing Artie did the right thing and the guilt he places on himself is punishment greater than anything they could sentence him.

Warehouse 13 - Season 4

With Artie still very distraught about his “possession” and the loss of Leena, and Claudia unable to cope with Arthur about her decision to stab him with the Dagger, Myka assumes responsibility on cases and Warehouse tasks. To ease the tension, the agents swap partners: Pete and Claudia head to Oregon to find an artifact capable of great destruction; Jinks and Myka stick around the Warehouse to keep an eye on Artie while sorting out the collection.

As Pete and Claudia make their way along the Pacific Northwest, making it quite known that they hate dirt, they learn the artifact they’re searching for causes earthquakes and the person who possesses it has already killed two people. Thanks to a symbol from an investigation back in Pete’s Secret Service days, he and Claude connect it to a long-defunct eco-terrorism group which may be back to spread havoc.

Warehouse 13 - Season 4

Meanwhile, Artie has been secretly holding on to Leena’s List, an itinerary for artifacts that need continual upkeep. While shadowing him, Myka and Jinks discover yet another area of the Warehouse few knew: Leena’s sanctuary, where she determined the proper location for artifacts in the ever-expanding collection. Artie hopes to continue her duties interpreting the signs from the Feng Shui spiral, yet as always, hijinks are certain to ensue.

“Parks and Rehabilitation” is your standard, run-of-the-mill episode that all shows air every now and then. It’s not bad, but it barely pushes along the storylines you want to watch more. Although the focus is on such a destructive artifact, its wielder is a person who has paper-thin motivation and their identity is easily predictable by most viewers before it’s discovered by the agents. This episode is redeemed by what little progression is made in Artie’s tale of woe. The inclusion of Myka and Jinks rather than the usual suspects of Mrs. Frederic and Claudia give it a fresh take. The loss of Leena affected all of them, yet not much has been done to show much she meant to the others, and “Parks and Rehabilitation” put it in the right direction.

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