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Warehouse 13 – S4E17 – What Matters Most

After a few subpar episodes in which nothing truly substantial happens, this episode immediately kicks off with a man suddenly dying in his bathrobe while getting his mail. I don’t know about you, but having a character die 10 seconds into an episode really gets my attention.

Warehouse 13 | What Matters Most

Once more there’s a change in the starting line-up as Jinks decides to stay at the Warehouse with Abigal, pulling maintenance duty (and some getting-to-know-you time). Pete and Myka head to Ohio to uncover what’s going on in the gated community, and Artie and Claudia make their way to New York City to figure out who is scrawling advanced math all over graffitied walls.

Claudia and Artie find the culprit, Nick, who doesn’t have a clue as to what he’s writing, why he’s having seizures, and doesn’t appear to want any help (pfft, teenagers). While Artie is combing through artifact files, Nick and Claudia become close and share their similar tales of woe. Turns out an analyst for an investment firm is using Nick’s mind to double his brain power while wearing Orville Wright’s goggles… because Orville was apparently the dumb one of the pair? Anyway, the guy easily relinquishes them to Artie and Nick is saved. Like a few other non-Warehouse characters this season, he’s invited back to South Dakota to hang with the gang. This time, however, it appears this gesture of kindness is gonna bite them in the ass.

Warehouse 13 | What Matters Most

As for Mykes and Pete, as soon as they arrive at Crown Heights, another incident occurs in which two residents are attached by their hips. During that investigation, the security guard assisting them spontaneously combusts into green flames. Then a prominent community member is found choking on nerve gas! What the what? Initially believing multiple artifacts are in play, Pete and Myka learn that the artifact is salt from Sodom and Gamorra, which physically recreates one’s most heinous sins. Although the suspect was a throwaway character, it was all set up for Pete to be the final victim, confessing his drunk driving accident that mangled his friend; a fairly dark scene that is seldom seen on Warehouse 13.

‘What Matters Most’ turned out to be an episode with more punch to it than expected. HEY, AN ACTUAL PLOT! Who would’ve thunk it??? What a fan of the show would assume would be the usual entertaining yarn was most likely impressed by the sheer amount of character development crammed into its running time. Thankfully, Artie and Claudia’s banter was put on the back burner to push the derisive Dr. Abigal Cho into the spotlight. Unlike her introduction with Arthur, which was grating on a lot of people’s nerves, her pairing with Steve gave her a greater opportunity to soften her gruff and standoffish character. Dr. Cho still has a long ways to go to win the hearts of many fans, as plenty still presume Leena will return in some form or another.

Warehouse 13 | What Matters Most

As for the shocking revelation in the last 30 seconds, that was a real smack to the face, writing staff! Myka may have ovarian cancer??? Where did this come from?! The team has suffered a lot of emotional trauma since the second half kicked off, yet this was a real doozy. Having a character face a life threatening malady like cancer is a bit of a gamble, especially on a show as light-hearted as Warehouse 13. Not even five minutes before the reveal, Pete had a very emotional unveiling about the time he hit rock bottom. Then, THIS. Damn, guys. If this storyline will last, two things must happen: remain authentic and don’t cheapen it. Despite the fantasical nature of the show, the latest episodes have been more grounded when it comes to exposing the character’s vulnerabilities. Artie’s depression, Pete’s alcoholism, to a lesser extent Jink’s intimacy issues, etc. If Myka potentially has ovarian cancer, it shouldn’t be wrapped up before season’s end, or magically eliminated thanks to an artifact. It would discredit the significance of the entire plotline, not to mention the potential criticism from their more fervent fans. This is a brutal form of cancer that’s irrevocably changed the lives of people I know personally, so I hope they’ve at least outlined a tactful means to continue on.

Just as the show starts to get its groove back, they add a massive pile on their plate.

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