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Wayward Pines – S1E10 – Cycle

Previously on Wayward Pines, ‘A Reckoning’

The Abbies Are Coming

As soon as the power drops from the fence, the abbies come a’running.

Ethan and Pam speak via radio and she tells him her petty-ass brother cut the power. They need to get everyone to safety so he instructs the townspeople to head to the bunker under Lot 33. Pam checks the perimeter and sees there’s a shitton of abbies incoming.

The backup generator in the hospital kicks on just as Amy wakes up. When Theresa runs in saying it’s time to move, Ben insists he’s not leaving Amy. Boy, bye.

Jason – the asshole frat-bro who killed Harold and the others – wakes up in his jail cell because Ethan’s negligent ass failed to kill him properly. As Kate, Ethan, and a few others enter the police station for weapons, the other First Gen Bros ask what’s going on. They’re ignored because fuck them.

Clean Slate

Pam confronts David in his office. He wants to start over like it’s a damn video game. Pam is like, “Are you fucking crazy? We’re talking about real people here.” You know, unlike the real people getting their throats cut on the regular just two weeks ago. She thinks she has talked some sense into his petty ass, but nope. He orders his guards to put her into suspension. His guards then round up all of the people loyal to Pam as well, including the brotha who’s the fastest typist in town.

As the only doctor in town explains that Amy is too unstable to be moved, a bazillion abbies advance on the town. He leaves to investigate why the generator has died… and die. He also left to die.

Ethan leaves Kate and the others in the station, saying they’ll meet up in the bunker. Before she can leave, the crazy kids talk crazy. They leave them in their cells, screaming that Kate can’t do this to them. Kate shoulda shot their asses. I would have. But I’m petty as fuck and I hold grudges.

As predicted, the doctor is checking the generator when an abby grips his ass up.

All Hell

Petty Pilcher watches on the monitor as the abbies wreck shit on Main Street. He does this while listening to opera, as crazy motherfuckers do.

Wayward Pines S1E10 - Petty Pilcher

When the doctor doesn’t return, Theresa decides she’s going to hustle the kids out herself. On Main Street, Pervy Bill (Bob?) the Realtor is killed by an abby (good). Kate saves Arlene.

At the complex, Pam pleads her case to the guards. She’s basically like, “My brother is fucking cray.” One guard seems swayed, but he’s overridden by the guard who zaps Pam in her damn neck and orders everyone to put on their Night-Night suits.

Wayward Pines S1E10 - Pam

Some other First Gen Bros who we’ve never seen before let Jason and the others out of jail. This is what Pilcher warned them would happen and they decide to head for the ark. And I’m like, “Holy shit. They actually have a real, non-metaphorical ark?”

Kate runs from an abby and seeks shelter in her toy shop. After locking herself in the back room, she looks around and cries. This is what your ass gets, Kate. You should have listened to Ethan. Granted, his raggedy ass should have shown you some proof instead of breaking up the sad-ass town gathering two weeks ago, but whatever. When an abby busts through the glass ceiling (Smash the Patriarchy!), she beats it to death with a music box or something.

At the hospital, Theresa and the kids are almost killed by an abby, but she stabs it in the face with a syringe, kicks it, and then Ethan shows up to finish it off with a shotgun blast.

Kate ventures out onto Main Street and watches as Ted the UPS guy is being eaten by an abby. The abby stops long enough to growl at Kate, but decides he’ll stick with what’s on his plate. Ted manages to point to the bag of explosives they took from the police station. Kate scoops it up and runs.

The Bunker

Ethan and his family, some other survivors, and Kate make it to the bunker. Ethan and Kate question Fisher about alternate ways to get out, but she refuses to tell them anything. Her daft ass insists Pilcher will come to save them. Ethan is all, “Is you stupid? His petty ass did this!” She doesn’t believe him, but then Ben jumps in her ass and convinces her shit is real. She tells them about an elevator, the code it needs, and how it will lead them to the mountain complex.

Kate and Ethan formulate a plan and check their ammo supply. While he gets the others, Kate tends to Theresa’s wound from the hospital. Theresa expresses her condolences for Harold, who died because her husband was stupid.

Ethan gives Ben a gun and Ben apologizes for being a shithead. Ethan forgives him because that’s what parents do – they forgive their teenagers for being the absolute fucking worst.

Wayward Pines S1E10 - Ethan and Ben

They head for the elevator, but Fisher tells her husband she’s going to stay behind and let in the First Gens she saw out on the street. Her husband is like, “Girl, they dead.” Since they don’t know for sure, and since she made a promise to those creepy-ass kids, she’s going to stay. He’s like, “Girl, bye.”

The surviving First Gens, including Jason and the other jail birds, make it to the arc, which is located within the school. There’s a secret room – it’s large and filled with food, weapons, water, and other supplies. Everything they could need to survive as the First Gens. Crazy-ass Pilcher thought of everything… except not being crazy.

Kate and Ethan go up in the elevator first to make sure the coast is clear. Meanwhile, Pilcher and his team watch as Pam is put back on ice. They MUST sedate these folks cause she took that shit a lot better than I would have.

Up Top

When Kate and Ethan reach the top and start shooting people, PIlcher and his men run off, leaving behind the guard who wasn’t really down for this shit. He immediately instructs the technician to wake up Pam. HE NOT BOUT THAT LIFE!

Wayward Pines S1E10 - Kate

Ethan and Kate subdue the guards and Ethan radios Theresa that it’s okay to start sending people up. For some reason, Theresa and Ben don’t go up with the first group. It’s then that the abbies break through and kill Fisher (GOOD!) and head for the elevator. Ben shoots at them (poorly), but then Ethan arrives and saves them. Matt Dillon was looking hot as hell as the elevator doors closed just as the abbies arrived.

They don’t give up easily tough, and the creatures start climbing up the elevator shaft, shorting out the power to the elevator in the process. .. I guess? Or did Pilcher shut it off? Ether way, the group is forced to climb through the hatch on the roof, and then climb a ladder up the elevator shaft to the door. Of course, Ethan opts to stay behind. WHY? He gives reasons, but they’re all dumb.

They all make it up top while Ethan sits in the elevator and lays out the explosives. Petty-Ass Pilcher watches from his office and finally speaks to Ethan through the speakers to say, “I told you so.” Kate busts into Pilcher’s office and demands – at gunpoint – that he restore the power. He talks more crazy, which Ethan can hear because the speaker is still on. Ethan doesn’t stop setting up the bombs and I’m like, “WHY?!” And I was also like, “I hate everything right now!”

Wayward Pines S1E10 - Pilcher

But then Pam shoots Pilcher while he’s in the middle of monologuing and the black dude who can type really fast sits down at the keyboard to restore the power, so I feel better.

But THEN, just as the power comes back on and Ethan thinks everything will be okay, the abbies start busting through the floor of the elevator and he knows he can’t let it reach the top. He thinks about a happy memory of his family and then blows himself, the elevator, and the abbies the fuck up.

And then I hate everything AGAIN.

Kate looks devastated, Theresa cries, and Ben runs to the door to look down and scream for his dad. And then… oh, my fucking God. THEN, a piece of debris flies up from the explosion (as flying debris is want to do) and hits Ben in his stupid fucking head and it was GLORIOUS. No. You don’t even understand. I honestly thought it happened in slow motion. Then I thought I imagined it, because how could a show that has pissed me off for the past three weeks suddenly give me what I’ve been wanting? Surely, I imagined it, right? So, I looked over at my husband and asked, “Did… did that just happen?” And the tears of joy in his eyes told me that it had. It fucking happened. Ben was knocked out – fingers crossed – maybe dead.

Ben Rocked


Once everyone is settled, Kate goes to Pam for the truth because she wants to help. Pam shows her the pods of frozen people. She says they can start over with no more lies, no more surveillance, and no more reckonings. As they speak, people in white coats wheel Pilcher’s body out of his office.

Wayward Pines S1E10 - Pam and Kate

Score | 8/10Ben wakes up in the hospital and Amy is there in a nurses’ uniform. No, he’s not having a kinky dream. She informs him that she graduated two weeks ago. She’s about as qualified as you’d expect from a Wayward Pines education. Ben has been out for three years, put back into suspension by the First Gens who managed to clean up the town and freeze most of the adults, too. Only because of Amy’s vouching for him did they unfreeze Ben, the son of the man they blame for The Savior’s death. Even though she warns him that they are watching and listening, Ben demands his clothes.

He walks down Main Street and passes Jason the Sheriff, who looks even douchier three years later and in his uniform. He’s also eating a rum raisin ice cream cone. Asshole. There’s a statue of Pilcher in the park (HOW SWAY?) and people are walking around like there aren’t dead adults hanging from the light poles and trees.

Wayward Pines SE10 - Main Street

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