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Wayward Pines – S1E4 – One of Our Senior Realtors Has Chosen to Retire

Previously on Wayward Pines, ‘Our Town, Our Law.’

Moments after Sheriff Pope was ran over, shot and killed, and then dragged beyond the wall, Ethan has no choice but to drive the police vehicle to his new “home.” Ben is appropriately freaked out so Ethan leads him to a gardening hose so he can wash the blood off his son’s hands. He tells Ben it was a wolf that grabbed Pope’s body.

If you believe that, Ben, I got some nice property for cheap in a quiet little valley town…

Ethan gets back in the car – and leaves his son outside alone for some reason – and finally explains to Theresa what’s going on in the town… as much as he does know. He confesses he was sent to find Bill Evans and Kate. Their plan is to play along until they can figure out what to do.

And for some reason, he doesn’t tell her about Kate. 

Just then, Theresa realizes Ben has disappeared. They race out of the car, frantically calling for him, but Ben is fine. He’s just getting a package from some dude on a bike. The bicyclist rings his bell as he pedals away. He looked like an old-timey milkman. The package is Ben’s school uniform, and a note tells him he’s to be at Wayward Pines Academy in the morning.

Welcome, Sheriff

Ethan’s poking around the police station when the receptionist, Arlene, comes in with a cake. The icing words congratulate Ethan on being Wayward Pines’ new sheriff. The mayor, Brad Fisher, and a photographer from the local paper (Toby) swoop in for handshakes and a photo op. Ethan does as he and Theresa agreed: he plays along. He asks how he was appointed sheriff so he can thank whoever is responsible for the honor, but Brad maintains the decision was not in his purview.

"I have no idea what the fuck is going on." - Ethan

“I have no idea what the fuck is going on.” – Ethan

Alone with Ethan, Brad expresses his excitement over having someone with Ethan’s experience in the role. When Ethan presses to know what Brad thinks he knows about Ethan, Brad side-steps the question. He makes a cryptic remark about the amount of power Ethan now has, and then leaves after one last handshake.

First Day Blues

Theresa takes Ben to school and assures him it’s just until they figure a way out. The teacher, Ms. Fisher (mayor’s wife) tries to sell Ben on the school as they walk inside. There’s art, sports, and all kinds of awesome extracurricular activities. Theresa holds on a beat too long when she hugs Ben goodbye.

Wayward Pines S1E4 - Ben and Theresa

Back at the police station, Ethan is searching his new office when he discovers a hidden compartment in the floor boards. It contains boxes of files on every resident in Wayward Pines. The files include what they were before coming to Wayward Pines and what their current role is. It also lists – creepily – if the person had “former offspring.”

Ethan comes across Arlene’s file and learns she’s from New Jersey. He wastes no time in taking advantage of what he’s learned. He places her file on the desk and asks her about New Jersey and whether or not she ever wants to go back. Nope.

“I like it here,” she says miserably.

Wayward Pines S1E4 - Ethan and Arlene

Reckon There Will Be a Reckoning

Pam and two guys break up their chat when they drag the realtor from the last episode into the station. Pam has made a citizen’s arrest because the Peter has defaced public property… for the third time. Ethan will have to hold a reckoning. Ethan ain’t about reckoning shit. Pam says she’ll be happy to do it if he can’t and then she leaves.

Mrs. Fisher interviews Ben at school and asks where he lives and where he’s from. The answer to both is Seattle. But when she asks where is home, Ben is confused. Home is Seattle, too, but they’re living in Wayward Pines because his dad is on an assignment. Mrs. Fisher plants seeds in Ben’s head that perhaps his father is a lying liar who lies. Ben knows his daddy has lied before so this bit of brainwashing seems to be effective.

While walking through town, Theresa spots Peter’s graffiti on the front of a building: In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

Then she sees Kate entering her toy store. She follows, intent on confronting the woman who slept with her husband. Kate keeps her cool and plays a music box to give them time to talk without being overheard by the mics. Theresa wants Kate to understand just how much she hurt her family. Kate knows and Kate is sorry, but that’s all been a long time ago for her. Theresa says it’s still fresh for her and then leaves.

Making Friends

Ben’s waiting for his mom outside of school when a young girl named Amy introduces herself. He’s too embarrassed to admit he’s waiting for his mom, so he lies and says he was just about to walk home. She offers to walk with him, and just like that you know Ben’s gonna wanna stay.

They make small talk as they walk. She asks about his life before and whether he’s homesick. One gets the impression Ben is playing up his prior popularity. Then he asks her about the things on the other side of the wall. Alarmed, she asks him how he knows about them. Then Theresa runs up, both relieved and annoyed at Ben. Amy takes the blame, saying she talked Ben into leaving. Theresa says it’s alright, and hustles Ben home.

Wayward Pines S1E4 - Peter McCallAt the station, Ethan shows the realtor his file, including a picture of him with his family. He says it’s another life. He doesn’t know what the numbers on the front of the folders mean. Ethan points out his cane is a new addition. Peter says he was injured trying to climb the mountain to escape. He doesn’t know how long he’s been there, but estimates it’s been about ten years. Peter informs Ethan there’s only one way anyone leaves the town and that’s dead. The phone rings then, and it’s Pam telling Ethan he must call a reckoning for Peter at 10pm the following night. Ethan doesn’t say a word, he just hangs up.

So, How Was YOUR Day?

That night, Ethan turns on the bathroom faucet so he and Theresa can talk in private. He tells her about his new job and how they expect him to kill someone tomorrow night. Of course, he doesn’t want to do it, but he knows if he doesn’t do it someone else will. He tells her about Brad and they figure out he’s married to the teacher. In her file it says she was a hypnotherapist in her former life. Ethan thinks the Fishers may be able to help them or give them useful info.

The next day, Theresa suggests Mrs. Fisher and her husband come over for dinner, but the teacher would rather they double date at a restaurant that night. It’s a date.

Ethan finds Peter in his office, going over his own file. It’s been so long, he’s forgotten aspects of his own life. Then he tells Ethan the very creepy story of how he came to be in Wayward Pines: In 2001 he picked up a woman at a bar and after they had sex, he passed out in the hotel room. He woke up in the Wayward Pines hotel, and his one-night stand was there, too – except she had aged and her name is now Pam.

Date Night

At school the next day, Ben says what Mrs. Fisher wants to hear and he’s able to go to class.

Wayward Pines S1E4 - Ben at school

At dinner, Ethan waits till he’s alone with Brad to bring up the terror in everyone’s eyes. Brad tells him the town focuses on the children, shaping their minds and controlling how they think. When Ethan points out Brad’s wife teaches at the school, Brad tells Ethan to “be careful.” So, Brad may be an ally but his wife and ain’t shit? Check.

At the bar, Arlene laments losing Pope, who was too rude to say goodbye. She’s going to miss that ice cream cone eating bastard. Pam tells her to cheer up for now they have Ethan Burke. Pam then calls for a toast to Ethan. She quotes Spider-Man. She not so subtly implies he better kill Peter. Ethan cuts her off to deliver his own speech in which he not subtly implies she can go fuck herself.

Wayward Pines S1E4 - Pam toasts

Into The Woods… Again

Amy tosses rocks at Ben’s window to get his attention. She wants to take him to her favorite place, which just happens to be in the creepy-ass woods. They sit on her favorite bench and she asks to hear more about all of Ben’s friends. He admits he lied earlier and he doesn’t have many friends. It’s okay, Amy says, he has her now. He asks her what’s on the other side of the fence and she responds with a kiss and a hug. That boy’s nose is going to be wide-the-fuck-open.

On their way home, Ethan and Theresa encounter Dr. Jenkins inspecting a tree. It’s a hybrid of two different pines he planted. Ethan tells him what he’s expected to do to Peter. Dr. Jenkins says sometimes the best things require a great sacrifice.

For every somewhat sane person Ethan encounters, there seems to be 4-5 crazy motherfuckers. 

Classical music plays from the speakers in the trees and that’s the Burke’s cue to leave. Ethan tells Theresa to go home and he’ll be along later. When she gets home, there’s a note in the mailbox telling her she’ll be the new realtor as one of their senior realtors (Paul) has chosen to retire.

Ethan lets Peter out of jail with the intent of hiding him in the woods. Paul asks to be taken to the fence. Paul wonders if the wall is meant to keep them in or to keep something out. He admits to not wanting to leave when he first got there because it allowed him to be someone else, but your past always catches up to you. Peter tells Ethan they’re being watched and in order to earn the town’s trust, he needs to push him into the fence. Ethan refuses. Peter hugs him and says his refusal to kill is why the town needs him. Then Peter lunges for the fence.

Score | 9.5/10Going For Help

At home, Ethan tells Theresa what happened and asks that she stay in the house while he goes for help. He grabs Ben’s backpack, empties it of the school books, and heads for the station. There, Pam tells him she knows he let Peter do Ethan’s job for him. He can’t fool her. Ethan says she’s probably better suited for sheriff as he loads up the backpack with weapons. Pam is all, ‘You right.” And then she makes herself comfortable at his desk after he leaves.

Ethan climbs the mountain and just as he reaches the top, a creature cloaked in a darkness watches from behind a tree.

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