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Wayward Pines – S1E7 – Betrayal

Previously on Wayward Pines, ‘Choices’

Hey guys, I usually post the Wayward Pines recaps on Saturday morning so podcast feedback can be left in the comments, as we usually record the Wayward Pines podcast on Saturday evening. Since this Saturday is a holiday, we need to record tonight. Unfortunately, by the time I realized that meant the recap would need to go up on Friday morning instead of Saturday morning, it was already super late. So, this recap will be different – shorter – than usual. You’ll get a full scene-by-scene recap with my in depth thoughts on the episode on the podcast, which will be published on Sunday. 


Ethan finally leaves the Complex and returns to Wayward Pines where he has to keep order as sheriff and that especially means he needs to find out who the rebels are. Mere moments after Pilcher tells Ethan, “You can’t tell anyone what’s really going on here,” Ethan tells Theresa what’s really going on there. She responds exactly as a woman who knows her husband has issues with the truth would: She doesn’t believe him.

After finding a bomb in his car, Ethan puts the town’s files to use and zeros in on a suspect. He quickly discovers the man is close with Kate’s husband, Harold. Ethan brings him in for questioning, but doesn’t tell him the truth about the town or the century they’re in for that matter. So, Harold goes back home and is like, “Fuck it. Gonna build more bombs.”

Wayward Pines S1E7 - Harold and Ethan

Ethan finally tells Kate the truth and she thinks he’s been brainwashed. Later, Ethan thinks he’s stopped her plan to blow up the wall, but realizes he’s been played and the real bomb is already in the delivery truck headed for the wall.


Theresa continued to decline as a character. She spent the entire episode behaving as if she has no idea they’re watching everything she does. She asks Mrs. Fisher about going inside the school and gets shot down. She goes snooping around Plot 33 in broad damn daylight and then tells Inappropriate Bill all about it. He warns her to sit the hell down somewhere before she ends up reckoned.

Wayward Pines S1E7 - Mrs Fisher and Theresa

Then she meets with Kate and decides she agrees with her husband’s mistress: Ethan is cray cray.


What the hell is Pam’s problem? Yes, there’s a chance if you tell the town the truth they’ll react just like Group A, but is it necessary to be so damn creepy and abrasive? Then she’s suddenly Ethan’s best buddy and all about helping him catch the rebels. But her two most bizarre moves were – hands down – promising her brother she believes in Ethan because she believes in him and conducting the most awkward fertility consultation/interrogation ever.

Wayward Pines S1E7 - Pam

Apparently, every month she checks in on the fertile couples to see if they’re pregnant yet. And if they’re not – like Kate and Harold – she then bombards the couples with intimate questions and basically implies they must not be fucking enough.

I could see Pam turning on her brother.

Mrs. Fisher

Speaking of being sexually inappropriate. Ms. Fisher is basically running a teen dating service out of the high school. Let’s call it OKStupid.

Score | 8/10She tells the First Generation that they’ll all be paired up and expected to pop out babies who will also be the first generation (Not sure how that works.) of Wayward Pines. Then she helps Amy plan to have some alone boning time with Ben.


I wanted him to die in that explosion so badly.


Where the fuck are her parents?

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