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Wayward Pines – S1E9 – A Reckoning

Previously on Wayward Pines, ‘The Friendliest Place on Earth’

Ethan is about to reckon Kate in front of the whole town… but we’ll get back to that bullshit later.

Wayward Pines S1E9 - Kate and Ethan

One of the abbies feasting on the two insurgents decides to see what’s on the other side of the wall. He (she?) crawls under the truck and Ethan arrives with his shotgun. He blows out the tires, trapping and then killing the abby.

Kate’s buddies are sure they’re about to die. Kate says Ethan won’t do that. He’s nothing like Pope. Turns out: They don’t need to worry about Ethan. They need to worry about the recent graduates of Wayward Pines High, who are ready to take on the responsibly of protecting the town. Three such young men show up at the station and tell Arlene that if Ethan won’t reckon the traitors, they will. She tells them to skedaddle on home, which one kid mocks. Hey, she’s from like, 1962. Leave her alone.

Pilcher and Ethan watch as workers prepare the wall. Pilcher is also calling for Kate’s reckoning. Ethan reminds him he said he’d need to do things his way and that means no public throat-slitting. Pilcher throws the Easter bombings in Ethan’s face and I’m still wondering why this matters, 2,000 years in the future.

Wayward Pines S1E9 - Pilcher and Ethan at Fence

The next morning (what the fuck were they doing all night?), Ethan drags Harold into the police station and shows him pics of his dead pals. Harold is now a believer.

Pam stares at an old pic of her and David when they were kids. She then corners Theresa in the hospital hallway and slips something into her hand. She tells Theresa to go home and get some rest, and to take a specific route to avoid the bombing cleanup. Clearly, Pam has given Theresa a key to lot 33.

Wayward Pines S1E9 - Theresa

Armed with 14 names from Harold, Ethan heads to the Complex’s control room where Pilcher has their names pulled. They’re all pinging at the bar, but when they turn on the cameras at the bar, only the bartender is there. The 14 insurgents have left their trackers in a glass of beer.

Because surveillance is THE WORST, Theresa takes out camera at lot 33 at the exact moment the guard watching drops something on the floor. She enters the shed.

At the hospital, Amy has a relapse and needs surgery to reduce brain bleeding. Ben is distraught, but Hypnobitch Fisher arrives and starts stroking his ego again. She tells him a reckoning still hasn’t occurred and now Amy may die. The other kids from school show up outside his hospital window and they’re pounding their fists in their hands like one massive, creepy-ass game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Ben goes outside to speak to his people while Pilcher and Ethan watch from the surveillance room. He apologizes to his fellow cult members. He’s sorry his whack-ass dad can’t protect the town. Ethan just stands there looking dumb.

X-Men First Class return to station and break in with a baseball bat. Arlene tries to stop them, but they handcuff her to a file cabinet, take the keys to the weapons lockers and arm themselves with shotguns. Then they pull the men, including Harold, from their cells. Kate tries to reason with them, and two of the three boys even have a change of heart, but their leader won’t be swayed. He kills Harold and the other men. Before he can shoot Kate, Ethan arrives and kills the leader. The other two idiots drop their weapons.

Wayward Pines - S1E9 - Some Asshole

NOW Kate wants to be reckoned. She tells Ethan it’s the only way to stop the bloodshed. Theresa arrives and takes both Ethan and Kate to the underground room beneath lot 33. There, she shows them a video of Hessler taken in 4020. He’s arrived in San Francisco and the city is gone. There are hundreds of videos from other teams who all went out scouting other cities and found them all destroyed.

Ethan goes to PIlcher and tells him he’s ready to reckon Kate and he needs the whole town there. Meanwhile, Theresa is tasked with getting as many people as she can down there to see the evidence. At the moment of truth, while Pilcher watches from the complex, Ethan doesn’t kill Kate. He tells everyone the truth. Kate, Theresa, and a few others who have seen the videos co-sign. Hypnobitch loses her shit and starts screaming about how Pilcher saved them all. Theresa slaps her across the face and the angels sang.

Pilcher’s petty ass turns off all the power in town, including the power to the fence, and an abby howls and climbs to the top.

Wayward Pines S1E9 - Abby at the Fence

Score | 7/10Overall Thoughts: 
  • Where the fuck did these super seniors come from and how was Hypnobitch allowed to indoctrinate a whole town of kids into her crazy without Pilcher or Pam knowing?
  • Why was Hypnobitch actively encouraging underage sex when she had these graduates? What were they doing? Going to Wayward Pines Community College?
  • So, Pilcher worked so hard for this and he’s just shitting it away because… why? People know the truth?
  • THAT’S what was in Lot 33?
  • Why didn’t Ethan take a picture of the abby?
  • I am firmly on #TeamAbbies
  • Why was that brother in the surveillance room typing so damn hard? What required all that?

Kermit Typing

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