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What If the What If Series Returns to Marvel Comics?

This October, writer Joshua Williamson (Secret Wars: Battleworld, Illuminati) and artists Mike Henderson, Riley Rossmo, Mike Norton, Jason Copland, and Goran Suduzka will bring unique spins based on the 2013 epic crossover INFINITY. A 5-issue limited series, each book will feature a critical moment in the best-selling event and ponder how the storyline may have progressed if a particular action or character went down other, darker paths.

The action begins with What If? Infinity – Thanos, as the Mad Titan reluctantly teams up with the Avengers. “It’s really a matter of survival”, says Williamson. “He joins the team during the attack and the Avengers feel like it’s their last resort to win. For Thanos, he just wants to win and is angry that anyone else would try to destroy the universe other than him. But, even as a member of the team, Thanos…is he ever really a hero? Or is he just using them?”


The series continues with What If? Infinity – Inhumans with Black Bolt attempting to restore order to a world that the Avengers lost the Builder War; What If? Infinity – Avengers covers the survival tale of the few remaining X-Men in the depths of space, unsure whether they are last survivors of earth. In What If? Infinity – Guardians of the Galaxy, the Guardians plan to eliminate Thanos, who happens to be under the protection of the Avengers! Lastly, in What If? Infinity – Dark Reign, Norman Osborn’s sinister machinations were never exposed AND he has acquired the Infinity Gauntlet. Naturally, no one in the world – or the entire universe for that matter – is safe.


To learn more about the development, process of What If? Infinity and future series projects, check out Joshua Williamson’s interview on!

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