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Wizard World Atlanta 2014: Paranormal Chasers – The Indian Mummy

All weekend long, at Wizard World Atlanta 2014, there was a film festival held to showcase short films of various genres. Because the nature of a convention is such that you simply cannot see everything there is to see over just three days, we had to see just some of everything. With that in mind, we were just able to catch one film, and it happened to be Paranormal Chasers – The Indian Mummy from Sexton Creations.

Paranormal Chasers

Paranormal Chasers – The Indian Mummy is the first in a planned series of films based on the comic book series Vampyres: Dalton Nights and Paranormal Chasers. The comic was created by Kevin R. Sexton; Sexton also stars in and directed the film. The full film is 48 minutes long, but the version shown at Wizard World Atlanta was an edited version that was roughly half that length, as the rules of the film festival dictated that films must not exceed a predesignated duration.

The film follows this group of seemingly ne’er-do-well friends who Scooby-Doo their way through paranormal encounters; in this case, it was a mummy. Future films will center on witches, zombies, etc. While The Indian Mummy is decidedly a low-budget film, it seems to proudly wear that label. It doesn’t try to outkick its coverage, so to speak, in attempting to do too much; the result is a very entertaining and funny horror-comedy.

In a Q&A following the film’s showing, Sexton revealed that this was his first time editing a film. Learning that made a lot of sense because there were definitely some edits in the film that felt sometimes too loose and sometimes too tight; it’s something I’m sure will improve with practice–and I’d imagine it was also a result of having to edit the film down from its intended 48-minute length. All-in-all, The Indian Mummy is a solid low-budget film, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Sexton Creations.

Here is the trailer for the film:

In my overall report on Wizard World Atlanta 2014, I took a moment to commend people I feel are often overlooked at conventions: hotels and their staff. Here, I would like to mention others who can easily be seen through and looked past, especially if they are doing their job well: convention staff and volunteers. Everyone at Wizard World Atlanta 2014 was extremely helpful and cordial. I’m going to single out one guy in particular who I first saw after we had just finished watching The Indian Mummy. The guy’s name is Jeff; I unfortunately don’t have his full name or title because the man was always so busy that I could never catch him at a moment where he wasn’t doing something at the same time when I wasn’t doing something; although I did get a quick moment to comment to him on how busy he had been all weekend, to which he replied “I wear a lot of hats.” A lot of hats, indeed: First, he moderated the Q&A session with Kevin R. Sexton, then he was walking the corridor outside the film festival telling people to come in and watch some movies, then he made an appearance at literally every panel I attended (well, there were panels held in various conference rooms and then panels held in the Sidney J. Marcus Auditorium at the Georgia World Congress Center; he was at every panel in the conference rooms), and the final time I saw him was on Sunday as he was ushering people into the auditorium to attend the Stan Lee Q&A panel. I’m telling you, Jeff was everywhere, and he never seemed to lose any energy. Jeff, if you’re out there, my hat is off to you.

Be sure to check back here all week for our continued coverage of Wizard World Atlanta 2014, with reports still to come on those great panels we attended and the spectacular cosplay costume contest.

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