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Write For Project Fandom

Are you passionate about your favorite TV shows, movies, games, books, and comic books? Want to write about them and connect with other fans? Then Project Fandom is the place for you. All contributors are currently volunteers, but there are a ton of cool perks like free comic books, books, graphic novels, and video games to review. Contributors also have the opportunity to attend and cover local fan conventions. Now, if you’re still interested, here’s how you go about submitting a writing sample:

  • Find a YouTube clip from your favorite TV show or movie.
  • Write one paragraph describing the scene. Not a bland blow-by-blow. Really let your voice as a fan shine through. Remember, your readers have watched the show already. They’re reading to hear your thoughts on it.
  • Use the contact form below to send us your sample – don’t forget to include the YouTube link – a brief paragraph telling us who you are, and what you’re interested in covering for Project Fandom.
  • If you’re interested in reviewing books, comic books, or graphic novel, your sample can be a single paragraph reviewing one of your favorites.

If we think you’ll be a good fit, we’ll contact you within two weeks.

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