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So you watched the latest blockbuster comic book movie, and it got you jonesin’ for the good ol’ days of BAM! POW! BAMF! and SNIKT! You followed your folly to the nearest comic shop to grab some of the more recent adventures of your favorite hero and found yourself lost in a forest of publishing houses and titles you’ve never heard of. It turns out that the loss of your particular business wasn’t enough to cripple the comics industry.

In fact, my friends, business is a’boomin’. But where to start?

Now that you’re back, you want dearly to venture further into the world of illustrated tales, but there are a hundred paths and no clear signposts. Well, fellas and fellettes, a few years back I found myself in that very same spot, and I’ve decided to use that experience to help guide you down the rabbit hole.

Each month (or maybe more often if you like it, and I have the time) I’ll be spotlighting a particular writer, taking you from the movie based on their work, delving into their contributions to your favorite canon, and out the other side to their lesser known creator-owned and independent books. I’ll point you down the aisles to things fun, exciting, and action-packed, introspective and heartwrenching, harrowing and terrifying! All with pictures included! If you’re very, very lucky, I just might help you find your next new favorite thing.



About Chanse Horton (47 Articles)
Chanse Horton was raised in a cave by Tibetan Death Buddhists and fed a steady diet of good comics and terrible B movies. He currently resides in Atlanta, GA, with his wife and two direwolves.

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