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WWE Superstar Roman Reigns Continues His Family’s Legacy

WWE superstar Roman Reigns holds a lot of titles: He’s a former defensive tackle and one-third of The Shield until member Seth Rollins “turned heel” and left the group. He’s also the cousin of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and comes from the Anoa’i family, a long line of wrestlers who have been in this business for generations. But mostly, he’s a charming, humble guy who can’t wait to get in the ring and execute.

Roman Reigns

Credit: Kiara Gil

His fans are raucous and intense, but Roman is laidback and gracious as he answers questions. He was inspired to wrestle by his dad, who he jokingly describes as a “big man with a big belt”. He’s very much about brotherhood, which you can tell whenever conversation turns to his former Shield member Seth Rollins, who he would love to face in the ring. As for himself, Reigns doesn’t think he could ever turn heel on his teammate Dean Ambrose. Although he loves his family, he mentioned that he would not mind facing his cousin The Rock in the ring if something big like a title were on the line. And he has no doubt that he could put his older cousin through a table.

Reigns draws a lot of his personal character design from superheroes and epic films like Gladiator. He sees himself as someone who has a warrior spirit. When asked what superhero he would play if he could play any character, he said Thor because then he’d get to keep his signature long locks cause “the hair don’t change!” Roman Reigns is definitely a WWE Superstar on the rise and I’m sure we’ll be hearing about him long after he’s moved on from wrestling.

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