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Wynonna Earp – S1E6 – Constant Cravings

Previously on Wynonna Earp, “Diggin’ Up Bones

Wynonna Earp – s1e6 – Constant Cravings | Melanie Scrofano, Tim Rozon, Shamier Anderson, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Katherine Barrell, Michael Eklund | Writer: Alexandra Zarowny | Director: Brett Sullivan

Now that agendas and conspirators have been outed, “Constant Craving” placed all the leads through a series of trials, pitting their resolve to the test. While Bobo and Constance continue to make progress with their plans, Dolls’ standing in Purgatory and the Black Badge Division is in question. Meanwhile, Waverly discovers she too has a destiny though her path may be more treacherous than the open secret that is the Earp family curse.

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Everything appears to be coming up Wynonna. She actually beat Dolls while sparring (he wasn’t entirely himself, as we figure out later), her aim has improved and she has to a new love in her life! No, not dusty old Doc, but a 1200 Sportster Screaming Eagle in pristine condition. Her disposition still needs a bit of polish but not as much as her hair trigger temper. With Waverly’s assistance, Wynonna learns one of The Seven may have been a cattle rustler from the look of his brand, and this scrap of info lead Earp and Dolls to The Blacksmith (Rachael Ancheril). She in turn guided them to the Tates, a family of revenants who made ‘farm to table’ a severely unpalatable phrase.

During their investigation, Earp continued on the warpath without giving much thought to anyone or anything but the singular goal of ridding the earth of The Seven. While she remains a very dynamic character, Wynonna’s selfishness – probably due to having developed a me-against-the-world attitude long ago – is biting her on the ass. Actually, that nearly happens in the most literal sense this episode. Dolls’ struggles, which are quite evident to everyone the pair run into in “Cravings”, are casually dismissed by Wynonna like his orders. It’s also clear that Doc made a pretty big impression on Earp as she genuinely appeared eager to become emotionally intimate. Sadly, that split second passed once Holliday continued to flap his gums about business. Regrettably, the time for lovey dovey-ness has passed as the revenants are close to accomplishing their goal of breaking through the triangle.

While Wynonna and Xavier were tearing through Purgatory’s desolate terrain, Doc was conducting his own covert operations on Del Ray and his association with the Stone Witch. Considering the man was given immortality by Ms. Clootie then dropped in a well, it’s partly understandable why our mustachioed rogue wants to put a bullet between her eyes. Having no time for anyone’s sass, Holliday effectively ends his fractious alliance with Bobo and takes his chances with a presently unsteady Dolls.

In spite of Xavier’s wide eyes, sweaty palms and jittery body language, Doc’s best chance to find the Witch is with Team Wynonna – and the Black Badge’s unlimited resources. The latter, it appears, may not be as reliable as Xavier alludes.

“It turns out a boner and a pick-up aren’t the whole enchilada!”

If Waverly was my sister, I’d be damn proud of her. Damn proud. It’s easy to fall more in like with these characters every Friday night, but Dominique Provost-Chalkley continues to step her game up and continually introduce new aspects to Waverly that viewers eat up enthusiastically (sorry for the poor choice of words… it was in bad taste. ah, cannibalism). Waverly has proven to everyone – be it the lead characters, the audience and most importantly to Champ – her bubbly demeanor and semi-klutziness are mere slivers on the tip of the iceberg that is her personality. Paramount to all this, the youngest Earp won’t be playing second fiddle to Wynonna’s ascendancy as supreme demon killer.

Thanks to good ol’ Uncle Curtis, Waverly also gained an inheritance that is potentially more perilous than big sister’s. After a hasty acquaintance with The Blacksmith, Wav was bonded to her new pal, a skull of unknown origin. Unfortunately, the newly appointed Keeper of the Bones will likely have to contend with the Stone Witch, as all signs point to Waverly’s latest BFF being the head that’s missing between the pair Bobo has locked in storage. To quote the plucky ponytailed sleuth, “Well, shoot!” Good luck with that huge pile of crap that was just dumped on you, kids!

Ladies and gents, I give you ‘Dolliday’.

“Sorry, he’s not used to acting normal… human…”

If one had kept a keen eye on Dolls the entire season, Xavier’s subtle decline could be witnessed every now and then (scenes when Wynonna tests his patience notwithstanding). Thanks to Earp bungling things yet again in “Bones”, the otherwise cordial rapport between Dolls and Judge Cryderman fell apart quicker than a cat with its tail on fire. Due to Cryderman’s oddly pervasive clout in a number of organizations, it seems the Black Badge Division is paring down Dolls’ influence within Purgatory as well as a few of his “perks”.

It’s obvious now why the Black Badge doesn’t answer to anyone. Given their cavalier methods in eliminating supernatural threats and the unsavory means they operate on the daily, there’s a helluva lot that we don’t know about this shadowy arm of the government. They certainly have terrible relations with their field agents. It’s one thing to tighten the leash on an operative who is having difficulties with his current assignment, but to cut off the very substance they need for whatever reason is cruel and unusual.

Speaking of, what is that compound? Does it enhance Dolls’ seemingly normal abilities… or inhibit whatever’s inside him? Either way, if he continued withdrawals it appeared everyone would have suffered from the outcome. It isn’t by coincidence the folks who walk the grey line between good and evil were able to easily detect the unease within Dolls. Though his pain has been (temporarily) alleviated, there is absolutely no way Xavier’s shockingly ophidian “transformation” will go unanswered this season. No way.

wtf, yo!

wtf, yo!

The bad times keep on rolling this Friday as Wynonna and Waverly stand boot-to-designer heel against the Stone Witch in “Walking After Midnight” at 10/9c on Syfy!

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