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Wynonna Earp – S2E3 – Gonna Getcha Good

Previously on Wynonna Earp, “Shed Your Skin

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It was an evening filled with creepy spirits, blood sigils, disturbing trust fund babies and all kinds of ass kicking as Wynonna was forced to relive the bad old days thanks to the 10th anniversary of Purgatory High’s only winning team. Reacquainted with a pair of high school knuckleheads that stupidly placed their lives as collateral to a dark force, Earp (and a chaotic good wannabe mage who was crushing hard on Wynonna) traipsed across town to dispatch the latest baddie in a deceptively significant episode.

“What a crazy, awesome bitch…”

The Heir went full blown Wynonna this episode, harkening back to the hijinks and endearing scrappiness that had Earpers fall fast and hard in love with her. Between the snark and off-screen (boo!) beatdown of a high school hockey team, Wynonna reluctantly attempted to get her groove back with Perry Crofte (Patrick Kwok-Choon), a member of the ‘07 Blue Devils Championship squad, Forbes verified rich dude, and connoisseur of all things occult. Initially believed to be responsible for the grisly murders, Crofte revealed he and his pals made a pact with a marzanoik, a demon that grants any wish… as long as you’re willing to pay with your life down the line.

Now that Perry and his friends Bryce and Skip’s time is up, the Earp gang tried their best to neutralize that threat, until Doc mentioned how important the marzanoik is in his effort to reverse engineer a serum for Xavier. Way to make things harder for everyone, John Henry!

“We all make deals we regret.”

While the Earps, Holliday and Crofte haul ass across Purgatory to catch their bagheaded wish monster, Officer Haught continues to stew about being relegated to ‘garbage duty’ for the Black Badge Division. After learning how much goes on behind the scenes, regular police work barely holds any interest to Nicole and her frustration reached its boiling point during her confrontation with resident trust fund baby and king sleaze Tucker Gardner. Between Sheriff Nedley’s outwardly passive stance towards the Gardners, Waverly’s unusual behavior and her own frustrations in not kicking demon ass, life couldn’t be anymore terrible for Purgatory’s sole deputy.

Seriously, why aren’t there more cops in town aside from Haught and Sheriff Nedley? It’s pretty amazing that more citizens aren’t eviscerated, sacrificed or eaten by any of the creepy crawlies lurking in and around Purgatory.

For lack of a better term, viewers have been teased about the sinister change taking place inside of Waverly. In the first two episodes it seemed the entity/dark side of Wavs would pop up only when she was in danger… now that isn’t so much the case. Whatever has possessed or influenced Waverly has become stronger and cast her inhibitions aside. So now the question remains: where does Baby Earp end and the evil begin?

It’s bad enough that Nicole proverbially shot herself in the foot multiple times this episode, but “Waverly” sure didn’t help matters. After pretty much outing their relationship with an ill-timed snog, Waverly continued to make an impression when she confronted Tucker (Caleb Ellsworth-Clark) and let him know she wasn’t someone to mess with. Worse yet, as everyone admitted their concern for Dolls’ safety, Waverly was practically torturing their fearless leader who is in dire need of some demon juice… in the Homestead barn no less!

Worst news of all: this persona we believe Waverly developed is more likely an entity that overtakes her entire being for a brief period. Now that ‘It’ knows Team Wynonna’s plans to find Xavier and prevent his transformation, “Meanverly” may use Dolls’ untapped power to her advantage and make things a helluva lot worse within the Ghost River Triangle.

Notes from the Ghost River Dispatch

  • Just when we thought nothing could be worse than revenants and spider demons and Widows… we’re introduced to the rest of the Gardner clan. No wonder Mercedes bolted long ago. She probably wishes she was back in the big city after “Getcha”’s ending. That look liked it hurt. A lot.
  • Are teenagers becoming more and more dickish in every successive generation? Wynonna a mom?! Technically she could be one, sure… but the way he said it was certainly deserving of a busted lip. Respect your elders, snapchat!
  • No Lucado, no cry? What could she be up to now?
  • I hope Perry comes back and uses some of his fortune to design and fabricate Waynetech style supernatural weaponry or something… that or purchase Rosetta Stone to speak better High German.
  • Wynonna wished the evil genie back in its magic trophy, but she’s safe from retaliation 10 years from now, right?
Wynonna Earp S2E3
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"Gonna Getcha Good"

Wynonna Earp – S2E3 – “Gonna Getcha Good” | Melanie Scrofano, Shamier Anderson, Tim Rozon, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Katherine Barrell, Kate Drummond, Greg Lawson | Writer: Brendon Yorke | Director: Ron Murphy

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