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Wynonna Earp – S2E5 – Let’s Pretend We’re Strangers

Previously on Wynonna Earp, “She Ain’t Right

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Now was that an episode, or was that an episode?

The affectionately titled Earpers, one of the more passionate and loyal fandoms, were richly rewarded by the potent one-two combo of writer and director April Mullen. Everything that showrunner Emily Andras and her exceptional writing staff built from the beginning has paid off in massive dividends; the wit and whimsy that permeated the first season evolved into a gratifying level of characterization, with a richer menagerie of creatures to match our stalwart band’s development. After all, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger yeah?

Time will tell if that’ll be the case for Wynonna, who was put through the ringer by her demonic “passenger”. Every week Earpers continue to have their expectations surpassed by Earp’s exceptional cast and crew, and it was only natural that Melanie Scrofano take the lead and make the absolute best out of a devilish situation. We love our sarcastic, one liner-loving, booze-swilling hero, but a demon-possessed Heir that talks a good deal of shit and rocks a fur coat better than Bobo Del Rey? Anyone who claims they weren’t in love with Daemonna is only fooling themselves.

There are numerous factors that quickly made Earp can’t miss programming on Friday evenings, however what has been the crucial to this well oiled machine is its engrossing lead, as Melanie is liable to go through a gamut of emotions every week. The stakes were raised in “Strangers” with Scrofano’s portrayal of a churlish, spiteful and altogether evil version of Wynonna ushered an even starker narrative in a world that’s already plunger further into darkness. It was truly fun to watch Wynonna go bad for half an episode despite knowing the situation as a whole could have some very damaging consequences. And boy, did it ever.

We still haven’t a clue on the whereabouts of the revenants or their supernatural brethren, but we’re given far more intel on the entity creeping about in both Earps. Firstly, we’re introduced to Purgatory’s Fraternal Order of Firefighters, the title of the secretive organization being a double entendre as these do put out fires… and fight beings from the fiery depths of Hell. The head of the Order, Ewan (Brendan Fehr) appears to be a no-nonsense type that sees the world in black and white: You’re either a good guy or a filthy spawn of the devil that needs to be decapitated.

This particular breed of demon is known as a Mictian, a powerful fiend that takes great pleasure in the possession of others. Not only have we learned that it can imbue its host with incredible strength and regenerate whole appendages, in its pure gooey form, the Mictian is virtually impossible to resist and capable of creating limitless copies of itself. As long as there are dumb humans about, it has a good chance to jump in everyone at once. A dangerous prospect to be sure, as evidenced by Dolls and Lucado’s strained relationship manifested by their failures in containing a Mictian.

Unfortunately for the ladies of the BBD, this “passenger” enjoyed a brief game of hot potato before resettling inside Waverly. While Scrofano was being at her absolute baddest and Provost-Chalkley tapped into her dark side a final time, poor Kate Drummond received the short end of the stick when the Mictian deemed her unworthy of its power. Rather than ooze out like any other demon, our resident hellion made an example of the derisive agent and burst her noggin like a watermelon filled with C4.

Disruptive, and overly problematic Jeannie Lucado was for Team Wynonna, no one could deny that she wasn’t a tough piece of sassafras, a bona fide fighter although her initial motivations were deeply skewed. Sadly it’s assured that Kate Drummond won’t return in any form to badger the Earps since Lucado’s head popped like a month-old blackhead. Thanks for portraying a real hard ass, Kate! You’ll be missed, and if the season continues to progress into darker territory, we’ll likely wish Lucado was still around.

By the time Xavier and John Henry have a grasp on the strengths and weaknesses of the Mictian, it’s already transferred its essence back into Waverly and already began to sow the seeds of doubt in Officer Haught. The Mictian successfully landed an effective combo… by throwing Nicole off her game with coarse words as Daemonna, the Mictian staged the dissent between the associates almost perfectly when slinking about as Gooverly. All that cutlery and bar items and junk it stole were used to create a device that would ensure the demon would stay put inside of Waverly. Thanks to Doc’s quick thinking, Ewan’s uncommon display of mercy and Wynonna forcing a dram of demon ipecac down Waves’ throat, the Mictian was expunged and finally dispatched with great vengeance and furious anger by Peacemaker.

Now that the crisis has been averted we can all go home and celebrate with whisky and donuts, right? RIGHT? Not quite! It was terrible enough that Lucado went out the way she did but it appears the Black Badge Division has gone completely dark. No Moody, no threat of a missile strike, not even a mouse. For the time being, the gang is on their own with no additional resources in sight. It’s a good thing Doc, Rosita and Jeremy discovered the correct balance for Xavier’s doses or else the boss was going to be more than a handful.

Speaking of potential futures filled with existential dread, it seems our favorite heroine will have to grow into yet another role she never asked for… motherhood! What the whaaaaaaat?!

Notes from the Ghost River Dispatch

  • There are none this week. Only baby daddy speculation, and that list is awfully short.
  • Wait… there is one other thing: What is Juan Carlos’ deal???
Wynonna Earp S2E5
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"Let’s Pretend We’re Strangers"

Wynonna Earp – S2E5 – “Let’s Pretend We’re Strangers” | Melanie Scrofano, Shamier Anderson, Tim Rozon, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Katherine Barrell, Kate Drummond, Greg Lawson | Writer: John Callaghan | Director: April Mullen

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