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Wynonna Earp – S2E6 – Whiskey Lullaby

Previously on Wynonna Earp, “Let’s Pretend We’re Strangers

Photos: Michelle Faye/Syfy/Wynonna Earp Season 2

Before we get to the heart of the episode, let’s discuss the opening minutes when Dolls and Holliday rendezvous with their former boss/extortionist, Moody (Kevin Hanchard). Turns out the gang was left flapping in the wind because of budget cuts. BBD leadership now believes the Ghost River Triangle isn’t worth the resources as evil has far too tight a grip on Purgatory. You can’t be that intimidating of a secret society if two cursed sisters, a supposedly immortal gunslinger and former employee that’s part-dragon managed to sneak into your facility. Not to mention, poor Agent Lucado was never able to rein them – and paid the ultimate price for her folly last week.

So now Purgatory’s Finest are free agents; they answer to no one yet they’ve the unenviable position of relying solely on themselves to save the entire region from darkness. Of course, that’s not all… As a final gift to his subordinate, Moody gave Dolls a dossier of the trouble they’ll eventually face and an ominous portent of things to come: “You’re not the only thing Mr. Holliday let loose in the safe house.” Oh yeah, and the Black Badge Division? Not a government agency at all. It just played one on tv!

Which brings us to the dilemma of the week: The Widows are frantically searching for the remaining seals hidden across Purgatory. Desperate to find the relics, the Widows – with the help of the increasingly creepy Tucker Gardner – coerced a time-obsessed enchanter named Hypnos (Andreas Apergis) to cause all of Purgatory slip into dreamland so they can travel about unbothered by Wynonna and the gang. If it wasn’t for Peacemaker, Earp likely wouldn’t have woken up and discovered the Widow’s insidious plan.

“I am all in.”

In between rallying the troops, the running and gunning, and repeated bouts of demon-influenced narcolepsy, Wynonna struggled to let the two men she adores most that she could be pregnant with their child. It was an oddly relatable situation even if viewers hadn’t experienced like it before because of Melanie Scrofano’s ease in proudly wearing Wynonna’s heart on her sleeve. We all know how much The Heir thrives on one-liners and sarcasm as defense mechanisms, but if you go after her family and friends with the slightest effort and she’s an emotional firebrand that’ll leave you with a nose as broken as your ego. But this latest development? It’s a whole other ball of wax.

We’ve typically seen Wynonna at her most vulnerable by her lonesome, but now she has to open up to a pair men she’s come to admire and love in her unique fashion. It wasn’t too surprising how Xavier and Doc reacted once they realized Wynonna wasn’t hefting around a belly full of donuts; having never been told I’m a potential baby daddy, their response to the news seemed wholly natural for their contrasting personalities. Nevertheless, they had plenty of time to collect their thoughts during Hypnos’ spell and proved to Wynonna that her trust in them is warranted. Though Dolls let his frustration out on Hypnos and Holliday needed time to mull over her reveal, Wynonna, slumped and emotionally defeated, found all the solace and comfort she needed in the arms of darling Waverly.

Though the guys weren’t present, we know they’re ready to do anything required for their Earp, as evidenced by their eagerness to follow her outside the station. Thankfully Waves found the perfect moment to give Wynonna Doc’s note, which pulled on virtually everyone’s heartstrings. This show is many things, but at its core, Wynonna Earp is about embracing that familial bond. As the old adage goes, “friends are the family you choose”, and this stalwart crew has proven its mettle with every passing challenge.

Notes from the Ghost River Dispatch

  • Doc, to Moody: “Don’t talk about my partner’s ass.”
  • Jeremy knew all along. Because OF COURSE.
  • So… no more Constance Clootey??? I knew that Doc left her in a pretty bad spot near the end of season one, but man. Those salt flats did a real number on her skin.
  • It appears Tucker has gone full blown Lecter thanks to the Widows’ desire to groom him as their agent of destruction. It’s bad enough that good and evil are constantly scrapping, but now we’ve a killer on the loose who hates both sides. Fannntastic.
  • What exactly is the Black Badge Division, aside from a pain in everyone’s left buttcheek? If they aren’t weren’t a bona fide government agency, was it more like a private military company a la Blackwater, that’s contracted by various powers?
  • Doc, I know you’ll be busy for, well, the next eighteen years but please… give Jeremy some lessons at the gun range.
Wynonna Earp S2E6
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"Whiskey Lullaby"

Wynonna Earp – S2E6 – Whiskey Lullaby | Melanie Scrofano, Shamier Anderson, Tim Rozon, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Katherine Barrell, Varun Saranga, Dani Kind | Writer: Caitlin D. Fryers | Director: April Mullen

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