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Season Two of Wynonna Earp Promises More Gunfights, One-Liners & Donuts (and other surprises!)

Wondercon returned to Anaheim last weekend and gave fans of all mediums and genres an overwhelming amount of programming. If the plethora of exhibits, vendors and signings on the main floor wasn’t enough, its panels had everyone geeking out about upcoming features and shows. One of the most anticipated series at attendance in Wondercon was Syfy’s 2016 hit Wynonna Earp!

Photo: Syfy

Photo: Syfy

Adapted from the IDW comic created by Beau Smith, Earp quickly developed a loyal following for its unconventional interweaving of genres and exceptional portrayal of a flawed yet wholly dynamic heroine. More importantly, Wynonna Earp garnered praise for its queer representation, showcasing a budding relationship throughout its run with an intelligence and insight that solely lacks in mainstream programming.

Present at the panel were Tim Rozon (Doc Holliday) and Kate Drummond (Agent Lucado) as well as staff writer Alexandra Zarowny (she who writes the steamiest scenes, according to Rozon). Little could (and should) be said about what’s ahead for Doc or the Black Badge Division; as a matter of fact, showrunner Emily Andras was still putting the final touches on Earp’s finale. However for those in attendance, we got our first taste of season two with an action-packed promo! Though much of it features pivotal scenes from the first season, we’re given a few surprises here and there to showcase just how darker, sexier and a helluva lot snarkier our weekly adventures in Purgatory will be this summer!

The second season of Wynonna Earp – produced by IDW Entertainment and Seven24 Films – will premiere on Syfy June 9! The good news keeps on rolling for our friends up North as Space will air the inaugural season of Earp, beginning April 15! As for us American turkeys, we can reacquaint ourselves with Wynonna, WayHaught, the bohunks and the gang’s demonic shenanigans anytime on Netflix!

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