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Z Nation – S2E12 – Party With the Zeros

Previously on Z Nation, ‘Corporate Retreat’

Starring: Kellita Smith, DJ Qualls, Keith Allan, Anastasia Baranova, Russell Hodgkinson, Nat Zang, Matt Cedeno, Donald Corren, Emilio Rivera, Gina Gershon | Director: Abram Cox


Warren and the gang are “saved” by the Zeros under orders by La Reina, who needs Murphy. Dr. Kurian shows his ugly head again to work on a cure for ZN-1. Warren makes a deal with the devil to save her people’s skin; however, Vasquez has other plans.


The puppies and kittens were out in force, choking off every escape route for our intrepid crew. There wasn’t much activity south of the border with exception to a few dozen Zs stewing in huge industrial-grade compost bins. Z Weed aside, zombies – according to Escorpion – are also a pretty good fuel source. Who knew the undead were so versatile?

Images: Syfy

Images: Syfy

Murphy even had a chance to get his MJ on with a freshly turned Z, but the awesome was too much for the poor sap and seized his way to the afterlife. Again.


This could be my shortest Z Nation review, ever. “Party With the Zeros” wasn’t a bad episode by any means, however it was difficult to be fully immersed in all the madness that was unfolding throughout. Perhaps it was the tryptophan, but the multiple elements and plot points within the story felt disjointed and untidy. Coupled with the balls-to-the-wall insanity Z Nation is known for and well, one hopes part two next week tightens up all the strange loose ends.

z nation s2e12 escorpion

It started simple enough with the group (as usual) with their backs literally against the wall. The Zeros swoop in and save their bacon and Escorpion (Emilio Rivera) casually reveals the Zeros’ vast operation, their agenda and their surveillance of the DXD presumably since their first encounter in Fort Collins during “White Light”. That brief exchange of dialogue covered a lot of area in explaining where the Zeros were all this time, which partly downgrades their effectiveness as an organization. Murphy was pretty much in danger in every episode. If the Zeros were watching them the entire time, surely they would have ganked his ass well before “Down the Mississippi”. Then again, we definitely would have missed out on some crazy times.

z nation s2e12 la reina 2

Anyway, Escorpion introduces Warren to La Reina (Gina Gershon), head of the Zeros cartel and sole owner of all the lip liners in the ZA. The Queen takes a liking to Warren who sees her as a kindred spirit, a woman willing to do whatever she must to protect her family. She claims to be impressed by the group’s tenacity and fighting spirit and decides to jump them in her clika by making them kill a dozen or so zombies in the dark. Que carajo. What a way to show your admiration for people.

z nation s2e12 la clika

By the time the gang was rolling deep with the Zeros after getting their makeovers, my suspension of disbelief had reached its limit. Everything felt …off. It was as if “Zeros” was a fever dream manifested after eating a half-spoiled turkey leg. Grandma, what kind of spices did you put in the sweet potato pie this Thanksgiving? IS THIS REAL LIFE??? There was Murphy, smug and preening like his usual pendejo self, acting as though he saved humanity when he and Kurian are nowhere close to a cure.


The most bothersome aspect of “Zeros” was Vasquez. What… he… It’s understandable the pain the man is supposedly going through, especially after discovering the identity of his wife and daughter’s murderer. Again, if there was a bit more build up to his erratic behavior instead of it bursting forth in a single episode, it would have been a far more satisfying storyline. Rather, Vasquez maintains his stoicism while simultaneously risking the lives of everyone in a brazen assassination attempt. It appears that he’ll have to suffer the consequences of his actions real friggin soon with a hot zombie injection.

z nation s2e12 vasquez


  • Only one note this week: How do the women in the group keep their hair so silky smooth? Seriously, do they hoard all the Mane and Tail during their travels? After trekking thousands of miles in harsh conditions and hundreds of splattering headshots full of bone and brain matter… not a single split end.

Will the group be able to escape the Zeros? Is Vasquez done for? No se, hommes! Tune in this Friday for “Adios, Muchachos” at 10/9c on Syfy!

Z Nation S2E12
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    WTF-Ness - 10/10


Hopefully the continuation of “Zeros” provides a solid conclusion to the cartel storyline that wasn’t as richly developed as hoped. Vasquez’s quest for revenge has been equally underwhelming and didn’t play out with much energy or emotion after the revelation of his family’s killer.

Overall, it’s a rather awkward arc that could use a bit more energy and flair (mayhaps some ridiculous amounts of gunplay too… I saw those AR-15 and 12 gauges.

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