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Z Nation – S2E13 – Adios, Muchachos

Previously on Z Nation, ‘Party With the Zeros’

Starring: Kellita Smith, DJ Qualls, Keith Allan, Anastasia Baranova, Russell Hodgkinson, Nat Zang, Matt Cedeno, Donald Corren, Emilio Rivera, Gina Gershon | Director: Abram Cox


Dr. Kurian’s “vaccine” is given to most of the Zeros and affects them in disturbing ways. The Z Squad conspire to find a means of escape (and rescue Vasquez). Murphy lets his sadistic side out for a little air, and Vasquez and Escorpion duke it out once and for all.


Pardon me for channeling my inner Cheech Marin via From Dusk Till Dawn, but we have zombies, zombies, zombies! We got full blown zombies! We got half zombies! We got rotting zombies! We got Mexican assassin zombies! Zombies without bodies! We got those too!

Images: Syfy

Images: Syfy

Basically, there’s a butt load of undead in “Adios”.


Escorpion ensured their survival at the border, Murphy supplied the antibodies, Kurian half-asses his way to an antidote… and who gets all the credit? Roberta Warren, of course! La Reina has really taken a shine to our esteemed leader and none of the boys take kindly to her being the Queen’s new best friend.

z nation s2e13 warren reina

Vasquez was two seconds away from being half-dead until La Reina strongly suggests to Dr. Kurian – thanks to Warren – that he inject himself with the vaccine to ensure it’s safe. Of course, Murphy got his popcorn ready for the big show.

z nation s2e13 murphy popcorn

The vaccine appears to work (keyword: appears) and an ecstatic La Reina orders that every Zero including Warren receives their injection immediately. uh oh. Thankfully, Murphy has the wherewithal to offer Roberta her vaccination personally, allowing the botched serum to simply squirt out of the syringe. Whatta nice guy!


It doesn’t take long for everything to go to hell in a hand cart thanks to Kurian’s botched cure. After Escorpion lies straight to La Reina’s face about the reason why Warren and crew are in Zeros territory, Murphy saves her skin yet again with his patented zombie mind trick. However, Big Blue goes a bit too far in demanding that Roberta kill Hector to prove her loyalty to La Reina, er, Murph… either one. As usual, Warren reminds Murphy who wears the pants between them and Roberta uses his control over the Zeros to learn where Vasquez is being held.

Warren leaves just in time because Dr. Kurian – looking worse than ever and acting quite bestial – lurks into the room, staring at Murphy like he was a giant piece of beef jerky. Not soon after the rest of the Zeros feel the primal lure to Murph. He cuts his hand to distract the growing mob who really want a taste of his hemoglobin.

z nation s2e13 kurian

Murphy tries to knock some sense back into Kurian in his lab, but he appears too far gone. It’s only fitting Roberta gets the final cut (get it? GET IT?! Oh, I slay me!) with the evil doctor before Murph agrees to jump back on the California bandwagon. Hey… when a badass with a bloody machete tells you it’s time to go, it is time to go!


Just when you think he’s done, they pull him back in! Somehow Escorpion escaped from his undead iron maiden, looking muy muy worse for wear. Alvarez steps on to the scene looking like he ate his way through all of the world’s pie eating contests just to challenge Vasquez to fisticuffs.

z nation s2e13 escorpion vasquez

Although Hector and Javier are battered and bloodied messes, their pride and sheer determination to kill one another gives them the strength to continue beating the moco out of each other. Vasquez gains the upper hand and sends Escorpion back to the lower levels, where the horde awaits a free meal. The O.G. ain’t going down without a fight and demands Vasquez get him out of the pit or he’ll kill him (makes sense). Thus endth the life of Hector “Escorpion” Alvarez. Killer. Survivor. Wearer of ridiculously ornate button down shirts.


With the Zeros in their rearview mirrors, the Z Team race their way to California in a fleet of El Caminos. If you’re gonna roll out during the zombie apocalypse, you might as well do it in style.

z nation s2e13 california


  • The vaccine may not have worked as intended, but it did have the unintended effect of making one immune to bites/turning full zombie. Interesting…
  • Now that Vasquez’s quest for revenge is complete, does that mean he has no other reason to live? Well… it’s been awhile since a lead has taken a dirt nap.
  • The complexity of Murphy’s allegiance to zombiekind and Warren remains a thoroughly entertaining sub-plot. He doesn’t appear to care for humans nowadays save for one, as evidenced by his behavior in this episode.
  • Speaking of the bushy-faced jerk, it’s fun watch Murphy go through the occasional wardrobe change. After all, life would be awfully boring if one had only a single outfit!
Z Nation S2E13
  • 8/10
    Plot - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Zombies - 8/10
  • 10/10
    WTFness - 10/10


Now this is what I’m talking about! After the rocky start in “Party With the Zeros”, “Adios” tighten things up and gave all us Z-Heads the action-packed absurdity we’ve come to enjoy since the start of season two. As usual, Keith Allan and Kellita Smith came to work and delivered fantastic performances that set the pace and tone throughout “Adios”.

The scenes between Matt Cedeno and Emilio Rivera were well worth the Vasquez’s build-up all season to seek his family’s killer. “Escorpion” Alvarez was fleshed out a bit further to reveal that he too had his losses, pre-ZA. However, it only proved he had nothing left to live for but pain and death. It was only fitting that he was taken out by myriad of zombies reaching for his body like he was being pulled down to Hell.

As for the Zeros organization, they definitely aren’t done for. La Reina lives and boy, she is definitely pissed. With Kurian still alive and doing his best David impersonation, the pair have all the motivation in the world to go after Warren, Murphy and the others and kill them slowly and painfully. Delta X-Ray Delta never catches a break, do they?

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