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Z Nation – S2E2 – White Light

Previously on Z Nation, ‘The Murphy’

Starring: Kellita Smith, DJ Qualls, Keith Allan, Anastasia Baranova, Michael Welch, Russell Hodgkinson, Nat Zang, Pisay Pao, Matt Cedeño, Emilio Rivera | Director: John Hyams

Immediately following ‘The Murphy’, Roberta and crew are literally running after Murphy and Cassandra when all hell breaks loose. What was a simple cat-and-mouse game quickly turns into a full blown free for all. What was once a sleepy little hamlet becomes nothing more than a bullet riddled hellhole full of scum and villainy.

z nation on the run

The seriousness of what’s unfolding is briefly lightened by the tomfoolery of Murphy’s zombie entourage. As he zigs and zags his way through town, Murphy’s undead fans stumble and wobble behind him. Sadly for them, many become fodder for the rampaging gunmen dead set on gaining that precious fictional bounty.

‘White Light’ gave significant screen time to the newest addition of Z Nation, Matt Cedeño. Portraying the stoic Vasquez, he instantly showcased highly effective talents by throwing both the undead and warm-blooded for a loop. Throughout the episode, Vasquez’s mercenary nature is in full force as he attempts to capture Murphy all by himself. He proves to be a worthy opponent and valued ally for the squad as the situation becomes more desperate for all. No doubt Vasquez will provide more of that killer instinct the group needs, given the apocalypse is somehow deadlier than before.

z nation murphy

What was especially impressive in ‘White Light’ was the consistent amount of tension. It’s only the second episode of the season and already everyone’s lives are in great peril. Thanks to Citizen Z’s desperate broadcast that promised a bounty for Murphy’s capture, those who are closest to getting their hands on Patient Zero – namely Warren and company – are suddenly in the crosshairs of every opportunist.

Of course with a title like ‘White Light’, a number of our favorite characters come close to checking out and engage in the typical occurrences described by those near-death, i.e. life flashing before their eyes, an out of body experience, overwhelming feelings of despair, etc. It’s one thing to avoid a pack of rabid zombies gnashing their rotting teeth at you, but dodging a hail of bullets and the occasional missile from a mysterious man in black? That’ll put any survivor on edge! For the characters and viewers alike, all are left emotionally and physically fatigued as ‘White Light’ paces its way to the finish line.

z nation group

Just when one thinks maybe, just maybe, everyone will get out alive, the final five minutes of ‘White Light’ pull at your heartstrings and suck the air right out of your lungs. After all that was accomplished, the hurdles each of the guys overcame, not everyone in the Z-Squad can stay six feet above ground.

Though well established for its zaniness and eccentric storytelling, Z Nation continues to impress by proving they aren’t a one trick pony. As terrifyingly fun as the zombie genre can be, the ability to deftly infuse humor or profoundness within a relatively rigid constraint is a skill few shows can accomplish. ‘White Light’ proves that Z Nation could rival any high-octane actioner on television.


  • Game-score-9First off, kudos to all who created one of the best hours of genre television in recent history.
    When you want something done right, you gotta astral project and do it yourself!
  • Will Cassandra ever regain more of her humanity and possibly better footwear? She’s doing well attacking folks in heels, but imagine what she could pull off in activewear or boots!
  • Who is this Man in Black? Why does he have a ‘Z’ tattooed on his hand? Clearly he isn’t a zombie… maybe Zetas?
  • After everything Murphy put the group through, it’ll be a helluva long time before they can trust him again. An extremely bad notion… for Murphy.

The gang regroups and burns rubber once more in ‘Zombie Road’, next Friday at 10/9c on Syfy!

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