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Z Nation – S2E4 – Batch 47

Previously on Z Nation, ‘Zombie Road’

Starring: Kellita Smith, DJ Qualls, Keith Allan, Anastasia Baranova, Michael Welch, Russell Hodgkinson, Nat Zang, Pisay Pao, Matt Cedeno, Emilio Rivera, Donald Corren, Dileep Rao, Sara Coates | Director: Alexander Yellen

“Batch 47” begins with Murphy and Cassandra already inside the compound (where’s Wrecking Ball?) to seek out more Z Weed and that rumored all-natural cure to the virus. The pair witness a group of schlubs willing to die for a chance to find the mysterious Batch 47 that could cure them all of their woes. The source lies deep within a creepy greenhouse teeming with deadly flora and fauna.

Images: Syfy

Images: Syfy

It appears variety continues to be the spice of life, even during the ZA. Once more, Murphy encounters a new undead variant, amusingly dubbed phytozombies by Odegard. Dileep Rao appears to have a great deal of fun playing the vaped-out researcher who appears to be walking contradiction. Not exactly the brightest bulb in the room, he makes due with what remains of the research facility that’s overgrown with carnivorous plant life. As much as Odegard seems to be genuinely interested in finding a cure for ZN1, he knowingly compels volunteers to their deaths inside the greenhouse to complete his “research”.

z nation murphy kurlan

Lurking in the shadows is the team’s old nemesis Dr. Kurian (Donald Corren) who has kept tabs on Murphy whilst averting the long gaze of far more sinister characters. Demented though Kurian may be, his skills as an escape artist are lacking; Murphy discovers Kurian and rather than beating him senseless, the bad doctor expresses his belief that death of humanity (as we know it) is inevitable. Kurian is certain Batch 47 is a total dud and only Murph is the key to establish an entirely new existence. Humans are overrated anyhow, right?

Odegard’s experimentation with Z Weed and search for Batch 47 does have considerable monetary value for certain ominous parties, as viewers are acquainted with the mysterious man in black from “White Light”, Escorpion. Formally introduced as Hector Alvarez, Escorpion is the shot caller for the Zeroes, a cartel that has the market cornered in the distribution and selling of Z Weed. Since the apocalypse basically eliminated a lot of their clientele, Escorpion is trying to establish a more accessible, customer-friendly cartel (while raking in stacks of cash). Although he doesn’t appear to have a beef with Warren and the others just yet, that could change in an instant once he discovers Murphy is riding in the backseat with them once more.

z nation alvarez

Thanks to his powerful psychic connection with the phytozombies, Murphy attempts to save them from the Zeroes, however his abilities appear to be ineffective, like they were with the blaster zombies in Zombie Road. Murphy only wants to help them but they know nothing but pain and rage. 10K and Addy have no other choice but to eliminate the Boss Level Phytozombie; whose death is profoundly experienced by Murphy while they escape.

z nation boss phytozombie

For all its potential in restoring a balance to the world, Batch 47 turned out to be a complete wash. If there is a silver lining in this dark cloud, the group have reunited yet again, ready to finally complete their mission. That is, until yet another person from their previous adventures pops up out of nowhere.

z nation baby momma

Hoo boy.

Serena aka “Pie Girl” found her man and does she have a surprise for him! This was especially devious sequence as it appeared everyone was excited to see how Murphy would react and wanted him to suffer a Game-score-7bit, since he’s been a real pain in their rears this season. No one certainly expected “Lil’ Murph” to react how it did when sensing its Undead-Beat Dad was nearby. Babies kicking inside their mothers is partly freaky but that?! Papa Murphy is going to have his hands full, that’s for sure!

We’ll find out whether the family that kills zombies together stays together in “Zombaby”, airing Friday at 10/9c on Syfy!

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