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Z Nation – S2E5 – Zombaby

Previously on Z Nation, ‘Batch 47’

Starring: Kellita Smith, DJ Qualls, Keith Allan, Anastasia Baranova, Russell Hodgkinson, Nat Zang, Pisay Pao, Matt Cedeno, Sara Coates | Director: Rachel Goldenberg

Images: Syfy

Images: Syfy


There is ridiculousness and there is ludicrosity. The first four minutes of “Zombaby” somehow went above and beyond the two. Watching a giant cheese wheel take out dozens of zombies was a vision many of us didn’t expect to see in our lifetimes. If the group makes a wrong turn and goes through Hershey, Pennsylvania next, I think… we’re in for a treat? No pun intended, honest!

z nation wtf


Believe it or not, the words to describe Sara Coates’ performance as Serena are difficult to compose. Fantastic. Hilarious. Loony. …pale descriptors for such a memorable display! Seldom do viewers witness an actor take a role that’s already quite outrageous, then absolutely flip it on its head AND screw it on backwards. Truly, it takes a actor who’s confident in her abilities to be equally gregarious and annoyingly flirtatious in between graphic scenes of projectile vomiting. Who doesn’t want a baby mama like that, right?!

Serena was an absolute pleasure to witness, tapping into the full spectrum of emotions an expectant mother on the edge would likely experience in the ZA. For a woman who witnessed her entire camp die off one by one and was abandoned by Murph after one night of carnal bliss, Serena has held up pretty well.

z nation pie girl

Initially repulsed by Serena’s presence, Murphy softens up to the doting mother-to-be and her uh, questionable advances. If anyone can make scarfing down a four year-old hamburger sexy, it’s Sara Coates. Her ease in injecting levity and humor into consistently frantic scenarios was the linchpin that ties “Zombaby” up in a pretty little bow. Notably, every minute on screen with Keith Allan was pure joy. To use a vernacular, the two killed it in every scene. The most comical moments occurred when the focus wasn’t entirely on them, notably when Murph was helping Pie Girl through her labor pains.

What was particularly marvelous was Serena’s genial nature rubbing off on Murphy to the point that he was enthusiastically awaiting his daughter’s arrival. The grueling responsibilities of fatherhood were still far from his mind, yet by episode’s end, Murphy welcomed the opportunity thanks to Serena’s genuine and unyielding desire to create a family.


[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”#4A7097″ class=”” size=””]“Everyone has troubles these days”[/pullquote]

The gang encountered standard issue deadheads early on – many within the horde dressed in hilarious costumes, including a kissing booth and one very disturbing clown zombie. “Zombaby” also introduced a couple undead animal species and an extremely lethal variant that roams near the Mennonites. This version of zombie – which appears to be unique to community’s farmland – exposes their victims to large doses of anthrax. Close quarters combat isn’t encouraged unless one likes to be covered in the deadly spores when caving in their skulls. Unfortunately, some of the group learned that fact a little too late.


Due to 10K and Addy’s exposure to anthrax, “Zombaby” featured serious moments regarding the actions survivors must make in order to live another day. The Mennonite community lead by young Jacob (Dylan Kane) are painfully passive and steadfastly adhere to the beliefs that have guided their lives well before the end of days had passed. With his friends and family dying before his very eyes, he offers assistance to the English and their fallen. The medication they have isn’t enough for all of them – they never had a sufficient amount to save themselves.

z nation vasquez addy

Having failed to find additional Cipro for all the infected, Warren and Vasquez arrive at the same dreadful conclusion: to save their people at the expense of the entire community.

The burden of leadership is growing heavier on Warren’s shoulders, who has to make these troubling decisions when nearly everyone they’ve met since the season premiere has welcomed her with open arms. From the family in isolation in “The Murphy” to the doomed “Zombie Train”, Roberta has experienced her lion’s share of luck. However those who offer her charity and mercy find the favor returned either in the clutches of the undead, or at the end of her barrel.

Fortune has been in their favor for a while now; however, this is Z Nation. Things could change at any moment and given the birth of Murphy’s child, life will definitely take a turn for the weird.


Sound the trumpets and release the doves… the zombie messiah hath arrived!

Welcome little Lucy, you precocious scamp!

No question the newborn definitely has her father’s eyes and skin tone, and a whoooole lot of her mother’s chutzpah. “Don’t mind me guys, I’LL FIND MY WAY OUT. Ta daaaah! Hello, world!” By the way, everyone can thank writer Jennifer Derwingson for your new recurring nightmare. As adorable and bright the blue ball of half-dead freakiness may be, Lucy quickly exhibited a dark side that could spell a mess of trouble for the gang during their travels.

Z Nation - Season 2

Dear ol’ dad couldn’t even protect her from the swarm of zombies inside the barn; in fact, one could easily suspect they were commanded to attack by Lucy’s charge. Given she is the first of her kind and already displayed considerable powers while in the womb, Lucy could usher in a new species that will overtake humanity as Dr. Kurian postulated in “Batch 47”. Mysteries and malevolence abound!


  • Gold star to Anastasia Baranova for delivering the best line of the episode: “Apocalypse… total cockblock, right?”
  • If one doesn’t have a weapon nearby, smoked ham works well as a makeshift mace.
  • 10K said there was a sniper girl during the ambush… where did she go?
  • What exactly is Vasquez up to?
  • If we don’t see the cheese wheel save the crew at the last second in a future episode, I will be extremely disappointed.

The zaniness continues with “Zombie Baby Daddy” Friday at 10/9c on Syfy!

Z Nation S2E5
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    WTF-ness - 10/10


As “White Light” was a testament to Z Nation’s creativity and tension, “Zombaby” was an impeccably paced episode that was equal parts action, humor and drama. The second season so far has featured Murphy, Warren and Doc prominently yet everyone was given significant screen time and purpose from start to finish. The guest appearance by Sara Coates brought forth a level of amusement that will difficult to duplicate. Here’s hoping Lucy doesn’t cause too much trouble during their adventures!

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