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Z Nation – S3E11 – Doc’s Angels

Previously on Z Nation, “They Grow Up So Quickly

Z Nation – S3E11 – “Doc’s Angels” |  Kellita Smith, Keith Allan, Anastasia Baranova, Nat Zang, Russell Hodgkinson, DJ Qualls, Emilio Rivera, Sydney Viengluang | Writer: Natalia Fernandez | Director: Youssef Delara

Images: Syfy

Images: Syfy


Looking for a way to make contact with Citizen Z, Doc traces a signal to a radio antenna within a lavish compound. There he becomes acquainted with a terrifying trio that has thrived under perilous circumstances. The longer Doc stays as their guest, the more he realizes the women are scheming to do more to feed him and wrap his hair in a man bun.


znation-s3e11-bedazzledOnce more, Corrine Foster of Synapse FX worked her magic with the oddest variant yet: the z-dazzlers! Don’t let their pretty faces fool you: these Zs are just as resilient as the mercy-proofed Metalheads from “No Mercy” and as obedient as any zombie Murphy and Lucy could easily command. Who needs to have an unstable vaccine rushing through one’s veins when it appears zombies can be broken in with a few zaps from a makeshift cattle prod and and heaps of gruel?

znation-s3e11-potheadTechnically they weren’t zombies but the prisoners bound in the ladies’ dungeon weren’t far from death’s door. What Doc stumbled across had to have been one of the weirdest sights on Z Nation, especially the presence of a literal pot-head. How… why… what?! While some may actually ponder if cerebrospinal fluid enhances the potency of strains (in that case, stop smoking so much weed), the sheer inspiration in its creation must be lauded.

But seriously, guys. Don’t get any ideas.


To take a page from one of Doc’s new acquaintances, the best way to describe the ladies three can only be accomplished through the verbose and euphuistic literary form known as poetry.

Woman! Whoa, man! Whoaaaaaaaaaa, MAN!
She was a thief
You gotta belief
She stole my heart and my cat

True, there weren’t any felines present in the episode but Doc sure was getting all the cuddles and grooming one could abide. Doc should’ve known things are never what they seem in the apocalypse, but no one in their right mind would pass up free food and booze. Not to mention the back rubs. And the scalp massages. And the gifts. Oh yeah, and the bedroom action.


As the seasons have progressed, Z Nation has cultivated some eclectic supporting characters (to put it mildly) and in writer Natalia Fernandez’s inaugural episode, she managed to create a formidable trio that was disturbingly alluring. Between the flirty Linda (Debra Wilson), artistic Sarah (Annette Toutonghi) and sultry Camilla (Nadine Velazquez), each woman featured their respective strengths and peculiar personalities while exhibiting an ominous air in playing host for Doc.

Obviously, the ladies were comfortable engaging in sinister behavior to maintain their idyllic lifestyle, yet no one could have expected their well-kept enclave to have that many skeletons in its closets. Female serial killers are a rare occurrence and it’s even rarer to have pairs or small groups working in tandem. Nevertheless, if you share an affinity for poetry, gardening, tanning skin and crafting with human hair then you go and run with it!


hey ohh!

There was plenty of charisma between Linda, Sarah, Camilla and Doc which ultimately lead to their uh, adult activities. Although things went from weird to life-threatening in less than six seconds, one has to wonder what the ladies’ endgame was for Dr. Beck. If they were going to eat him or use his luxuriant silvermane as sewing thread, what was the point of wining and dining Steven? Not to mention the gifts they gave him; if things went according to plan, they could have picked them back up after giving him a Colombian Necktie. Regifting is pretty big in the ZA.

In any case, Doc, wily genius that he is, inadvertently killed two birds with one stone by destroying their antenna to free himself from their clutches. The man may have lost his shirt (and pants and trusty crowbar) in the process but at least the next schmoe that would have been lured by their impassioned radio program will walk on by with his skin intact. Unless the Zs or Enders snag him.

Hey. It’s a man eat man world out there.



  • Hold on. Did those Enders hunt a zombie for its meat? This would certainly explain why so many of them are insane.  
  • She may have been as crazy as a fox but Camilla’s recitations of “The Raven” and “I Will Put Chaos into 14 Lines” certainly were intense… and sensual. Sorry, what?
  • Socks in bed? Especially when sharing it with three ladies? Bad form, Doc!
  • Thank goodness! Citizen Z and Doc finally reestablished contact and not a second too soon. They only had a few moments to spare but Simon was already rarin’ to relay Doc’s message for Warren about Addy’s pursuit of Lucy.
  • How many of you thought Doc was going to keep his new jewelry? It’s a shame things didn’t work out between him and Sarah. They could have made a really cute couple if it wasn’t for her gruesome talent in scrap booking.
Z Nation S3E11 = 9.4/10
  • 8.5/10
    Plot - 8.5/10
  • 9/10
    Performances - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Zombies - 10/10
  • 10/10
    WTF-Ness - 10/10
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