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Z Nation – S3E7 – Welcome to Murphytown

Previously on Z Nation,Doc Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Z Nation – S3E7 – “Welcome to Murphytown” | Kellita Smith, Keith Allan, Anastasia Baranova, Nat Zang, Russell Hodgkinson, DJ Qualls, Emilio Rivera, Sydney Viengluang | Writer and Director: Jodi Binstock

Photos: Daniel Sawyer Schaefer/Go2 Z/Syfy


The group’s reunion was short lived as they agreed to split up to increase their chances in stopping Murphy’s new world order. The Man has infiltrated Spokane and gave Murphy an offer he simply couldn’t believe. 10K’s secret wasn’t much of a secret for long, and Citizen Z and Kaya freestyled their way back on the air, much to Addy and Doc’s surprise.


Z Nation - Season 3You want a gaggle of undead? You got ‘em! “Murphytown” was filled to the gills with Zs, beginning with Murphy’s second lieutenant Wesson (DeRon Brigdon) using a quartet of zombie tweens as bloodhounds to round up recruits. Honestly, that’s not a bad idea. They’ve boundless energy, get really excited from the smallest thing, and best of all… no more labor laws! Standard-issue Zs at varying stages of decomposition and mutilation aside, Spokane welcomed a new crop of blends, some of whom have made an immediate impact in fulfilling Murphy’s vision of a big blue world.

Speaking of The Murphy himself, his current condition is uh, quite noticeable. Let’s not lie: Alvin’s looked better. With 10K still in possession of the original vaccine, Murphy’s body (and state of mind) is deteriorating faster than he’d care to admit. His dinner table etiquette alone is absolutely appalling!


Lines have been drawn in the sand and though some factions haven’t fully revealed themselves yet, their influence has been felt far and wide in Z Nation. Murphytown may be an impressive burgeoning society excited to restore civilization (under an egotistical tyrant), but they’re surrounded by the fearsome Red Hand and ever-watchful secret society that is Zona. There’s also the Asian contingent Sun Mei works for that may or may not be eliminated.

Z Nation - Season 3

Well aware there are plenty of mysterious figures, government officials and one Roberta Warren out there in the wilderness, Murphy has shored up his defenses and created a cabinet of underlings that aren’t mere yes-men but competent contributors for his expanding empire. The Chaffins’ (Aaron Trainer and Kathryn Brown) loyalty can never be questioned as they’d most certainly sacrifice themselves to ensure Murphy’s dream comes to fruition. Along with them is the aforementioned Wesson and the latest addition Anderson (Carollani Sandberg), a former staff sergeant tasked to give the citizens of Murphytown basic training.

Concurrently, Will Chaffin is in charge of Operation Lucy, a recovery mission that’s priority number one for Murphy. Thankfully 10K was able to retain this info despite his addled state and give Warren a heads up on Team Blue’s agenda.

Whether Murphytown can defend itself in time against Zona or the Red Hand remains to be seen. However a smaller outfit like Team Warren is already facing considerable odds if they attack Murphy directly. The same can be written for another imposing figure of the follicly challenged variety…


When it comes to being The Man (Joseph Gatt), making a lasting impression is never an underwhelming venture. His presence loomed throughout “Murphytown” and established its stark tone with his signature brutality towards others – and yes, even himself – from start to finish. It’s pretty scary to witness a person like The Man exhibit supreme confidence in his abilities and effortlessly kill, rend a limb or two, or eat a chunk of brain in order to achieve his objective.

It was one thing when he expertly cracked open that poor bastard’s skull with two whacks from his Bowie knife, but hey… let’s eat his brain while we’re at it! Then The Man pretended to scarf down the whole thing like grey matter suddenly tasted like Cinnabon. Now that is dedication!

Z Nation - Season 3

If only Murphy was so convinced. Eventually he saw through The Man’s ruse and believed he finally caught his chief antagonist. Still, folks should know if The Man is willing to gnaw on some frontal lobe and rip a dead man’s arm off to keep his cover intact, a pair of handcuffs mean diddly squat to the dude! Hell, it appeared he doesn’t even care for his own left hand.

Whoever employed The Man’s services in Zona needs to triple his raise.


Up north, Citizen Z, Kaya, Uncle Kaskae (Cecil Cheeka) and Nana make it to Camp Northern Light and immediately began the arduous task of restoring power. Simon hasn’t been seen for much of season three, but what little we get of the scrappy Cruller and his newfound family is always a satisfying journey. Fortune appears to be in their favor as Kaskae was able to find a working fuse and renew hope among their tight-knit clan and hopefully, bring that feeling back to the masses.

Apparently the excitement of the moment was enough to compel Kaya (Ramona Young) to dance the “horizontal mambo” with Simon and freestyle rap across the airwaves soon after. Is there anything this Jane-of-all-trades can’t do? Truly, Citizen Z hit the jackpot in the girlfriend department.


Things are going a little too well for CZ. It’s wonderful to see things finally go Cruller’s way but this is the zombie apocalypse. Eventually, someone is gonna get bit. Add to the fact that it’s Z Nation, a show that doesn’t shirk at the idea of killing off their lead in the season premiere or snuff out fan favorites in a casual manner, Citizen Z and/or Kaya could be in for a bloody reminder in the near future.

Ten bucks says it’ll be zombie polar bears.


  • It was almost a forgotten fact that basically everyone turned vegetarian in the earliest days of the ZA. After ZN-1 mutated so many times since its release upon the planet, potentially infecting any living being, you sure as hell better get a taste for crickets and any other variety of Orthoptera.
  • As great as it is to see the gang become comfortable with Sun Mei, hopefully she follows through on her oath to her former teammates and raise all kinds of hell once she and Warren breach Murphytown.
  • Where does 10K think he’s going? Any time Tommy runs off, it’s bad news. Watch… he’ll accidentally bring the his old pals from Serenity Falls back with him. Or worse yet, the Red Hand!
  • Hey, they mentioned Vasquez! That poor guy, he was too wound up. He was no daisy, no daisy at all.
Z Nation S3E7
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