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Z Nation – S4E3 – The Vanishing

Previously on Z Nation, “Escape from Zona

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The team is (mostly) reunited after the crazy developments that occurred at Zona and the refugee outpost. The camp is a virtual ghost town and the group – along with Mueller and Sgt. Lily – must decide to whether to look for the others or keep chugging along for Newmerica. There’s also a bit of snag in regards to Warren’s wicked visions of a world in flame. Cheers to that.


Yet again, few Zs were seen but plenty were heard deep within the forest. The mere physical presence of a horde of undead is a dramatic moment in itself. Knowing there are a mass of smarter, deadlier and damn near unkillable zombies roaming throughout the wilderness elicits a level of dread seldom experienced by survivors since the early days of the apocalypse. This unforeseen evolution in zombiekind is known as a Mad Z – an aggressive mutation of the ZN-1 virus that pretty much assures humans done for as the dominant species.

Based on their frenzied nature, Mad Zs are far too primal for Lucy to communicate with, and they don’t discriminate on who they want as a meal. If this strain of the virus continues to propagate among the remaining human population (not to mention any animals), everyone can kiss their dusty butts goodbye.

Sadly, Lt. Mueller (Henry Rollins) was the next to fall and boy, did it take a long ass time for him to receive mercy. Not all the bullets, blades and bludgeoning in the world could stop him until Lily (Grace Gillam) returned from the woods and put her commanding officer – and father – down for good.


Not only did Murph and Warren escape Zona in one piece but they managed to save Lucy from her captors and boy, is she pissed! Her reunion with dear ol’ dad would have been awkward no matter what, yet it doesn’t help that Lucy is aged into her tumultuous teens. It doesn’t help that Murphy believed her daughter was killed but he also was living the high life in Zona without a care for the outside world. In Lucy’s eyes, Alvin not only abandoned her but gave up on the gang, and the remnants of humanity.

Thankfully, Lucy and Roberta gained an instant kinship that she and Murphy now lack… which is strongly attributed to the psychic bond Warren inherited from Alvin’s blood. Now that Murph is (allegedly) 100% human again and Warren is the blend, there’s no question who the leader is among the survivors yet again. Murphy squandered his chance to create a brave new world last season and his hubris nearly cost everyone their lives. Although she appears mentally “compromised”, Roberta still garners the respect of all and her decision will almost always be the final one.

Still, one is compelled to wonder where the hell these visions came from. Is it a way for her unconscious to process intel Warren heard just before she awoke from her coma? Are they side-effects from her exposure to Murphy’s blood? In any case, Warren is taking stock of her disturbing insights and allowing them to guide her. As Doc, 10K and Murphy can attest, wherever Roberta goes, they’ve a greater chance of survival. The gang is going to need all the luck they can muster in their search for their missing friends and the refugees. Not to mention they have to keep their heads on a swivel now that Mad Zs are a very real threat. Plus there’s the creepy Mr. Sunshine who is determined enable The Reset and burn the entire world to ash.

So yeah, no pressure guys.

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Z Nation – S4E3 – The Vanishing | Kellita Smith, Keith Allan, Russell Hodgkinson, Nat Zang, Anastasia Baranova, Sydney Viengluang, Natalie Jongjaroenlarp, Tara Holt | Writer: John Hyams | Director: Alexander Yellin

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