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Z Nation – S4E7 – Warren’s Wedding

Previously on Z Nation, “Back From The Undead

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Our favorite band of survivors continue their journey east after paying their final respects to Lucy. During their gloomy trip through rural Michigan, Murphy’s rage ensnares the gang in a rock-rap bacchanal led by a free styling tweaker with mommy issues, and eyes for the group’s fearless leader.


The Zs sat on the bench for most of the episode and were substituted by a collection of miscreants that make even the dirtiest, feral Ender seem like a walk in the park. Enter the Zuggalos, an assortment of post-apocalyptic ICP die-hards that have absolutely nothing else to do but eat Fritos, drink pruno and waste their precious electricity on spinning those sick beats. Lead by self-imposed “King of the Zuggalos” (Joe Doyle), he and his assed-out Zuggalo Family put up a three ring circus to torture randoms like our intrepid crew.

While these zagnuts get their kicks from zapping Murph, throwing knives at 10K and hurling billiard balls at Doc’s head (ouch, man!) King takes a fancy to Warren, who revealed her innate knowledge of the Dark Carnival to keep everyone alive. I mean, when your back is against the wall and you’re being threatened with nasty-ass prison wine, sometimes its one’s darkest secrets that save the day. MMFWCL, yo.


So yeah… wow. WOW. It’s been a long time since we’ve had some real oddballs on Z Nation but these ‘Los may take the Oxy-covered cake. First off, let’s talk about how deceptively resourceful this gang appeared to be. I don’t know if a few of them has Masters degrees in chemistry or electrical engineering in the pre-Z days, but they managed to keep a power supply plentiful enough to run the turntables, light their crib and keep their carnival running. How? Who did this for them? Surely it wasn’t King; he’s too busy crafting dope rhymes while getting wrecked on that toilet wine.

Another perplexing fact: the Zuggalos scavenging skills are second to none. Their former Queen (Susanna Burney) remarked how a pair of her crew found not only a mad supply of Frito’s but a truck full of beer too. Eight years after the damn apocalypse they happened to find the mother lode. Let’s not even get into the mind-boggling revelation that they recycled their pee to filter out trace amounts of drugs to snort it all over again. These people are like MacGyver in grease paint!

I guess the old adage of never judging a book by its cover is paramount in their case, which is also what had our team slip up in the first place. For a majority of the episode it was difficult to believe Warren, Doc, 10K and Murphy would allow themselves to be captured so easily – however they slipped from the Zuggalos’ clutches just as effortlessly. As grimy and creepy and altogether unsanitary the Zuggs appeared, they had an odd appeal and had potential to become a repeat antagonist. That is if King’s and Warren’s nuptials weren’t interrupted by the former Queen, King’s mom.

Ultimately it all circled down the drain pretty fast and felt like one big nightmarish hallucination brought to you by bath salts. It was bookended by Murphy’s somber epiphany about the merits and virtues of parenthood and how a father or mother would do what’s best for the child yet allow them to flourish. Warren apparently took his words to heart and admitted her visions aren’t giving her any focus whatsoever. She has a vague understanding of them, but not enough to place her family in further danger. Off to Newmerica they go!


  • So Murphy remains a plain old human, right? One would believe all those bites from Lucy had to have given him a fraction of his old powers back. There were a few opportunities when Alvin could have sensed anything but it was a total goose egg. Unless his rage was so powerful it negated any restored abilities, signs point to Murphy being not special anymore… just a bitter, bereaved father.
  • fyi, if you really want a case of Faygo after watching this episode, order here!
  • After wanting to mercy Alvin last week, 10K was on the same page as Murphy for once! I’ll admit, it was weird. Before they were ambushed by the Zuggalos, Tommy appeared to carry a grudge of sorts against Murph. He may not have said anything but his eyes told the entire story. See: lead photo at the top of the article.
  • So no one is gonna ask why Warren knows so damn much about ICP discography and the Juggalo life? Really? We’ll just… keep moving down the road? OK then.
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"Warren's Wedding"

Z Nation – S4E7 – Warren’s Wedding | Kellita Smith, Keith Allan, Russell Hodgkinson, Nat Zang, Anastasia Baranova, Sydney Viengluang, Natalie Jongjaroenlarp, Tara Holt | Writer and Director: Steve Graham

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