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Take a Bite Out of Your Friday Nights… Z Nation is Back!

In a few days, SyFy’s hit show Z Nation will kick off its second season, continuing the insane exploits of an eclectic crew hoping to save the world from a killer virus while driving back the growing army of undead.

No pressure.

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Z Nation follows the (mis)adventures of a band of survivors tasked to find the cure to ZN1, a virus that ravaged most of civilization within a three-year span. The key to humanity’s survival resides in the blood of a convict who obviously doesn’t like playing by the rules. While the gang scrapes by, they also have to concern themselves with Patient Zero’s disturbing mutations and shadowy conspirators wanting him for their own sinister agenda.

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[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”If The Walking Dead is like church for zombie fans, I think we’re like bowling or a strip club for zombie fans.”[/pullquote]

As long as The Walking Dead – and its droll spin-off Fear The Walking Dead – remain on air to strong ratings, Z Nation will be the unfortunate mark that’s constantly compared to AMC’s premier shows. Executive Producer Karl Schaefer – adept in fostering the bizarre and outlandish with previous production duties in Eerie, Indiana, The Dead Zone, and Eureka – is well aware of the rampant fandom of the Kirkman series.

With the season two premiere over the horizon, Schaefer hopes new fans will recognize Z Nation is its own program, imbued with a strong funny bone and an abundance of zaniness. Though rife with wit and demented whimsy, Schaefer is confident his band of zombie-killers would be the one viewers choose to roll with during the end days.

“I think if there was a zombie apocalypse you’d much rather go with our guys than anybody. They do some asskicking along the way and have some fun,” Schaefer said.

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Not wanting to give away too much before the premiere, Schaefer revealed a few new zombies that’ll be swarming throughout season two. One of the first to be confronted will be ‘blaster zombies’; a horde born from the nuclear fallout caused by the missiles launched in the season one finale.

Schaefer explained,“They’re more dangerous and they’re more like a wolfpack, they think a little bit compared to other zombies.”

The group is guaranteed to encounter an odd bunch of undead during season two, some of which may be flame broiled, faster than usual, hybrids, infused with cheese (?!) or inspired by a few presidential figures.

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Despite being heavy in comedy, Z Nation is already well known for keeping everyone on their toes by killing main cast members without batting an eye. According to Schaefer, this budding tradition is not slowing down anytime soon.

He said, “Nobody’s safe. We have some pretty shocker things coming up. Nobody’s safe ever in this show. We almost go by like “Who does the audience like most?” OH, THAT’S WHO WE’LL… so it gets hairy for them.”

The second season of Z Nation creeps back on the small screen Friday September 11, on Syfy!

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