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Episode 616: Dark S2E4-S2E6

July 6, 2019 // 0 Comments

Everyone seems to be in on Winden's time travel secret and we love it. Are they all doomed to repeat the same mistakes or can the loop be broken? [...]

Episode 615: Dark – S2E1-S2E3

June 24, 2019 // 0 Comments

We discuss the first three episodes of Netflix's Dark season two, including a new timeline in the future and one even further in the past. [...]

The Magic Order #4

October 10, 2018 // 0 Comments

Following the pivotal events of The Magic Order #3, the Moonstone family is forced to find solid footing in their new reality. [...]

The Magic Order #1

June 18, 2018 // 0 Comments

The first series from Millarworld since being bought by Netflix makes short order of its opening magic trick. [...]

Episode 547: Evil Genius

June 14, 2018 // 0 Comments

We discuss the banana pancakes Netflix documentary Evil Genius: The True Story of America's Most Diabolical Bank Heist. [...]


May 20, 2018 // 0 Comments

Australia's first "Netflix Original" feature film, Cargo, is a familiar film in an unfamiliar setting. [...]

The Rain or Nah?

May 6, 2018 // 0 Comments

The Rain is yet another addition to the world of post-apocalyptic television, but it shows promise of being a worthy take on the genre. [...]
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