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Paper Girls – S1E2 & S1E3

We doubled up and covered two episodes this week because Paper Girls is just so damn good. The time travel, healing robotic insects, and giant mech are all cool, but the best moments continue to be the ones in which the girls bond. Those scenes are so well-written and the actors bring them to life in a way that feels natural. A few highlights include KJ calling out Mac for the hate speech she repeats, Mac and Erin clearing the air after that whole “you shot me in the gut” thing, and the four new friends unpacking what it means to be decades ahead of all the people and things they love.

We’ll be reviewing episodes 4 and 5 together for next week’s Paper Girl podcast. Really looking forward to seeing adult Tiffany and more of Mac coming to terms with the news about her health and her oddly wholesome relationship with her brother.

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